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Meetings and other Notices

Meeting Notice for Wednesday, September 28, 6:45 PM

Date: Wednesday, September 28, 6:45 PM, 2016 NOTE TIME !

Place: Volen Center, Brandeis University, 415 South Street, Waltham, MA 02454 Brandeis University NOTE PLACE !

Featured: Nikki Amichetti, Doctoral Student in Neuroscience and Eriko Atagi, Postdoctoral Fellow in Neuroscience

Our meeting will take place at the Brandeis University Center for Complex Systems Volen Center 206/MS 013.

The memory and cognition lab's research focuses on speech comprehension and memory for speech, with a particular focus on the hearing changes associated with healthy aging. The Volen laboratory conducts hearing-related research. The two talks are entitled: “From Brain to Ear: The Effects of Hearing Loss. Age, and Effort on Everyday Language Discourse” (Amichetti), and “Cochlear Implants: What is it, Who is it for, and Does it Work?” (Atagi). Members of AES, SMPTE and ASA are, as usual, invited to attend.

Refreshments will be served at 6:30 PM.


From the Massachusetts Turnpike (Interstate 90) Eastbound: Take exit 14 for I-95/Rt 128. After the toll, keep left for 95/128 North. You will make a 270 degree loop. While on ramp, exit immediately onto exit 24 for Route 30. Bear left onto Route 30. Cross the Charles River and turn right at first traffic light. This is South Street, and Brandeis is two miles ahead on left.

From the Massachusetts Turnpike (Interstate 90) Westbound: Take exit 15 for I-95/Rt 128 and Route 30. After the toll proceed straight for Route 30. Turn right at the end of the ramp, and then right again at the first traffic light onto route 30. There is a big green sign for Brandeis at this intersection. Turn left at the next traffic light. Brandeis is two miles ahead on the left.

From I-95/Route 128 Southbound: Take exit 24 for Route 30. At end of ramp, proceed through traffic light (across Route 30). This is South Street, and Brandeis is two miles ahead on the left.

From I-95/Route 128 Northbound: Take exit 24 for Route 30. Route 30 is one of several options at this exit, so follow signs carefully. Turn left at the top of the ramp onto Route 30, right at the traffic lights. This is South Street, and Brandeis is two miles ahead on the left.

From downtown Waltham: Take South Street from Banks Square (junction with Routes 20 and 117). Brandeis University is approximately 1 mile ahead on the right.

Please Park in the Theater Lot.

When entering the university off of South Street, you will come to a gate on the main road (Loop Road) where you have the option to turn left or right. Turn left; the first parking lot you see on your left is for the admissions center and music building. Continue past this and take your next left, down to the Theater Lot (Lot).


The Brandeis-Roberts commuter-rail station is very convenient to the campus. Schedule is at

The MBTA #553 bus also stops at Brandeis-Roberts: schedule is at

Follow the blue line on the map from the station.

WALKING TO VOLEN - Walk out of the Theater Lot and cross Loop Road. Continue straight, passing to the right of the Shapiro Campus Center (the big green building). Stick to the pathway on the left of the tree cluster and merge with the path heading uphill. The Volen Center will be on your right; a lab member will be out front for assistance.

The blue lines on the map show walking routes from the Theater Lot and Brandeis-Roberts station. The red arrows show driving routes to the Theater lot.

In September 2009 the B A S held a microphone clinic, testing 37 different microphone models. The ambitious nature of the clinic effort, the extent of data collection, the number of individuals involved in microphone testing and in writing various sections of the report, and the complexity in determining how to construct the clinic report and make it available to members resulted it not being published until now. The dataset is extensive.

Representative samples were included in the abbreviated report in "The B A S Speaker"
(Fall 2015; v37n3)

Go to the MICROPHONE CLINIC PAGE for more...

The BAS Message
September 2016

Imagine you are a recording engineer in the late 50s, recording stereo on magnetic tape. Then imagine you are approached by a mysterious stranger, offering you a new recording system with superb fidelity, no adjustments or maintenance needed and the ability to record long uninterrupted time. Just one catch—if the power is interrupted momentarily the recording stops, but also everything you have recorded up to then is lost.

Well, that seems to be the case in many situations today.

My Tascam DR-680 8 channel recorder has that problem. There is battery backup but they only last about 4 hours. A recent firmware update states that when the battery is low, the recording is stopped (saved). Presumably that means in the older units, low battery can cause loss of recorded material.

My Tascam SS-R05 is a rack unit without batteries. I found after purchase that it does save files if the cord is pulled while recording. So it can be done.

I decided to always keep a set of batteries in the DR-680 even though I use it on AC. After its being in storage a long time I checked it and the Duracell batteries had leaked into the battery compartment. Fortunately the damage wasn't serious and the compartment looks like an easy replacement if needed.

From the Sweetwater catalog: With the Sound Devices 633, concerns about weight, battery life, power loss, and file corruption are history. A unique 4-way power supply and proprietary PowerSafe technology give you maximum runtime and safe shutdown in the event of a total power loss. $3229

In 1967 I bought an EICO tape recorder kit. It was the better of the two offered by EICO and featured electrodynamic braking for the tape reels (it was a 3 motor deck). It was extremely gentle on the tape and never wore out. I wondered why it wasn't universally used in high end tape machines. On reflection I thought what if the power failed while winding. The tape would fly everywhere and get damaged. In the case of a master tape it was unthinkable.

Using point to point wiring on terminal strips, it was the quietest tape machine I ever owned, in terms of hum.

email me here

Below, other meetings and notices which may be of interest to BAS members

Michael Blackmer is the eldest son of David E. Blackmer (of dbx, Kintek and Earthworks fame) and a recording studio designer, acoustician, master technician, electronic engineer, musician, inventor and eclectic visionary. He is presently in a situation where he could use our assistance as brothers and sisters in the unique audio community that is the BAS in the Boston area.

Michael worked with directly with his father in the early days of both dbx and Earthworks. Over his career he has designed and overseen construction of numerous facilities, for example home studios for Joe Perry and Steve Tyler of Aerosmith, home studios for Tom Scholz of Boston, several rooms for The Castle in Nashville, radio-education production studios for USAID in Honduras and Bolivia, 14 rooms for WGBH Radio, Television & Film in Boston, several rooms for David Porter's Music Annex in CA and Antoine DeCastellan's Monasterio studios in Equador. He was also instrumental in the technical installation of numerous others, among them The Cars "Synchro Sound" and Bluejay Studios (New England's first SSL). His company "Audio Professionals Of Boston" was one of the top studio service organizations in the Boston Area in the '80s and '90s. He also has been awarded two platinum records (together representing over 14 million units sold) for his support work on the Cars "Shake It Up" and Boston's"Third Stage".

Presently Michael is looking for a good home; perhaps a one or two bedroom apartment, a small studio, or a room or two in a friendly home, with parking, as close as possible to Cambridge (though leads anywhere in the greater Boston area would be welcomed). He does not drink, smoke or do drugs.

If anyone reading this can be of assistance in any way, your help will be greatly appreciated. You may contact him at, through his page on Facebook at, or at 508-808-0504.

You can also email me with any questions.
Thank you everyone — Barry

When collecting and plotting "noisy" data it is often useful to have Microsoft Excel plot a Trend Line through it.  If that data is to be used for further work, it may be necessary to have an X-Y table of the Trend Line. That is not easy to get and this paper will show how to do it.
Joseph DeMarinis has a new article here: Extracting Numerical Data from an Excel Trend Line

Foster's Test Bench !
by Alvin Foster !    Click the logo: —>
The rapidly-becoming-famous BAS Headphone Test Article is now available in the BASS VOLUME 25, ISSUE 4, on Page 17, available HERE   PDF 3mb
Visit our PODCAST PAGE for:
The LIVE video podcast of our meetings,
Archived video of past meetings (only one so far!),
and Audio Podcast interviews by Alvin Foster
There is a supplemental and further explanation addendum paper to the E. Brad Meyer / David Moran paper published in the September, 2007 issue of the AES Journal. That page, which documents the experimental protocol and audio systems/source material is here:   
There is a Power Point Presentation of the lecture given by Dr. Barry Blesser at the March 2007 Meeting. The Meeting page synopsis is HERE; the Power Point Presentation (as a web page) is HERE

Some earlier BASS issues, previously available only directly by mail, are now available online, on the BAS SPEAKER page, HERE

Show your appreciation for the immense amount of dedicated work that went into both the original writing, gathering, editing and printing, PLUS the more recent scanning and conversion to PDF format, by joining the Society, HERE !

A L L   O F F S I T E   L I N K S   O P E N   I N T O   A   N E W   W I N D O W


AES Future Meetings

Acoustical Society of America
SMPTE New England

There is a posting of an ABX article, The Digital Challenge by Stanley P. Lipshitz HERE

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BAS Members may SELL items here; anyone may BUY.

The Boston Audio Society needs individuals who will write summaries of BAS meetings into *.pages, *.doc, or *.txt files. We usually have audio recordings of the meetings. We pay for your work. Ask about our bonus program for meeting-writers! Contact David B. Hadaway (603-899-5121;

Does anyone have a schematic (or any other info!) for any Dunlop-Clarke Dreadnaught amplifier? Email Barry at

For sale: Audio Precision System 1 audio test system. SYS-322A, s/n SYS1-31968, IMD, BUR, W&F options, A-weighting filter, PCI interface card, rackmounts; asking $5000. Contact Mark Chambers

For sale: Several CD storage racks, some made by Bostonwood ( Two four-shelf units (25.5"Hx17"Wx5.5"D); One four-shelf unit (25.5"Hx24"Wx5.5"D); Two three-shelf units (19.5"Hx17"Wx6.5"D); one home-made three-shelf unit (18"Hx14"Wx6"D). I have attached a handle and chains to several units, making them convenient open-top carriers. David J. Weinberg (Maryland; 301-593-3230).

Seeking a two-channel preamplifier such as an Apt Holman, an early Hafler, or an early NAD. Must work properly. Fred Ampel (

Seeking prereceord Advent cassettes, especially Russell Sherman Beethoven and Liszt recordings, and Handel's Messiah performed by the Handel & Haydn Society under Thomas Dunn. David R. Moran (

I am disposing of all my old copies of the BAS Speaker, which go back to 1978, more or less complete. I am going to recycle these with waste paper unless somebody wants them for free. I'll even pay shipping. Doug Pomeroy Audio Restoration & Mastering Services

Discography of Test Records. I am compiling a list of technical test records from all recording eras and would like to exchange information in order to confirm, expand, correct and add entries. Send me your list and/or other information about test records and I will send you my discography, which has nearly 200 entries to date. I am interested in commercially released records, as well as discs intended primarily for in-house use by audio engineers, broadcasters and for other special applications. I am generally excluding demonstration discs of the "Super Stereo bouncing ping-pong ball" type unless they include at least some tracks of a technical nature, such as frequency response and tracking tests, etc. Nicholas Starin, Portland Oregon,

Nashville AES Test CD. (; click the small round symbol where it says "Click here for more info:" to download the four-page description and track list. Use the link on the website under <Products> to send an email for pricing and availability.) From the website: "Assembled 'by engineers, for engineers' after a survey of the needs of a broad cross-section of working audio pros, the disc features 71 tracks of test signals ranging from level calibration tones, noise signals, third-octave tones, polarity and digital meter calibration pulses, bandpassed noise and swept sinewaves. Additional tracks include dry-recorded kick and snare drums, acoustic guitar and piano along with spoken word and a cappella male and female vocals. A data area on the disc features BPM charts, Excel-based calculators and other bonus material. The CD booklet includes tutorial information on using the test disc."

For sale: Three Denon DR-M34HR cassette decks ($500srp) with three heads and live monitoring of the recording, dual Dolby B/C and Dolby HX Pro circuitry. Handles normal, chrome and metal-tape cassettes. Highly regarded in 1988. Gasparo Records used them as duplicators. In good shape. Data at $125 ea+shipping. Contact David B. Hadaway.

For sale: Arcam Solo Movie 5.1 (,solo,Movie-Systems,SoloMovie51.htm; $4500srp) The manual is downloadable from the Arcam website. I do not have original packaging. $1000+shipping, which will be calculated once destination is determined. Funds transfer or cash only; no checks. Fred Ampel (

For sale. Two Tannoy HPD 315 speakers, made in the mid-1970s, woofers might need refoaming. Steven Weiner (; 818-865-0601; Thousand Oaks, CA) is asking $500+s/h. [I have seen a photo; the cabinets and grill look to be close to mint condition. This ad was placed at the request of member Randy Hoffner. DJW]

Seeking: Soundfield Mark IV microphone. Jim Mastracco (

Laserdiscs for sale by David J. Weinberg (301-593-3230; Four have Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack. Nine have DTS5.1 soundtrack. Make offer for all or selected items.

Video Essentials    
Apocalypse Now CLV 2
Apollo 13 CLV 2.35
Batman (Michael Keaton) CLV 1.78
Blade Runner (Director's Cut) CAV 2.48
Blown Away CLV/CAV 2.35
Crimson Tide CLV 2.35
Daylight CLV 1.85
Evita CLV 2.35
Forbidden Planet CAV 2.35
Golden Eye CLV/CAV 2.35
The Grifters    
Highlander (10th Anniversary Director's Cut) CLV/CAV 1.82
The Hunt for Red October CLV 2.35
In The Mouth Of Madness CLV 2.35
Jurassic Park CLV 1.85
Jurassic Park CAV 1.85
Phenomenon CLV 2.35
Pocahontas CLV 1.66
Pretty Woman CLV 1.85
Raiders of the Lost Ark CLV 2.35
Raiders of the Lost Ark CAV 1.33
Star Wars: Episode 1 - A Phantom Menace    
Toy Story CLV 1.78
Who Framed Roger Rabbit CLV 1.75

Own a movie theater sound system! For sale, top-of-the-line High Performance Stereo HPS-4000-XL screen speaker systems. Three (left, center, right) HPS model 545-4 speaker systems ( and two HPS model 545-W subwoofer speaker systems ( All in perfect working order. The speakers are not light, but consist of modules that can be lifted by two moderately strong men. Truck delivery only, or come pick up. Make me an offer. David J. Weinberg (301-593-3230;

Most units come with user manuals (some also with service manuals), remotes and cartons, as applicable. Make offer:

  • ReplayTV 2020 with aftermarket larger disk drive. Includes lifetime electronic program guide service.
  • Faroudja VP400A video quadrupler. Upscales NTSC video to 960 progressively scanned lines for a front or rear CRT projector. Generates great image on my big screen. I don't need it because I'm modifying my video system.
  • Runco 980Ultra CRT projector (original packing, user and service manuals).
  • Vutec concave high-gain silvered screen. 8' wide, 16:9 aspect ratio, with wallmount brackets. Silvered surface makes it appropriate for 3D projection, as the high gain overcomes the substantial light loss caused by the various consumer 3D projection technologies, and the curved shape can deliver a wide viewing angle with little hotspotting.
  • Lexicon DC1 surround processor, with all options.
  • Panasonic RP-91D DVD player with JVB Digital regionfree mod.
  • Sony DVP-NS755V SACD (multichannel and stereo), DVD, etc., progressive-scan output. $250srp.
  • Tektronix D11 rackmount single-beam storage oscilloscope with 5A15N vertical amp and 5B10N time-base/amplifier.
  • Tektronix 5111 rackmount single-beam storage oscilloscope with two 5A18 vertical amps and 5B10N time-base/amplifier.
  • Teac AN-180 external dual Dolby B processor. Simultaneous stereo record and playback.
  • Pioneer CT-F4242 cassette deck, in excellent condition.
  • Garrard RC88 turntable with Shure M3D cartridge, in excellent condition.
  • Sony XM-5046 car audio amp, 4x50W into 4 Ohms

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