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Audio Engineering Society (main)   Boston Chapter
Audio Engineering Society  (links page)
Audio Engineering Society Mastering Group
Audio Engineering Society Education Committee
Audio Engineering Society, Los Angeles Section

Acoustical Society of America  NEW URL     Boston Chapter

AAF Advanced Authoring Format Association
ALMA International Loudspeaker Manufacturers Association has renamed themselves
ALTI, Audio & Loudspeaker Technologies International. Go figure.
Alliance for Open Media   new 2020
AMPS  Association Of Motion Picture Sound (UK)
Advanced Media Workflow Association
Applied Psychoacoustics Lab
APRS  Association of Professional Recording Services (UK)
ARSC Association for Recorded Sound Collections  American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers
ATSC  Advanced Television Systems Committee
AVIXA  Audio Visual Integrated eXperience Association  yeah, yeah, another baron von tollbooth...  (They don't even tell you what the acronym stands for...)
Blu-Ray Disc Association
BSRA  British Sound Recording Association
Cinema Audio Society
Common Amplifier Format Group  another interesting approach.
Consumer Electronics Association
CEDIA  Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association
CES  Consumer Electronics Show    URL changed to  (why???)  Quite a surprise.
DEG  Digital Entertainment Group (still more Baron Von Tollbooth busyness in corporate suits)  just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...
DLNA  Digital Living Network Alliance  (yes, they tried to make it sound like DNA)
EISA  Expert Imaging and Sound Association  (magazines)
EBU  European Broadcasting Union
GrammyPro  (do you know it stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface?)
Home Acoustics Alliance
Home Theater Alliance
IABM  International Association for Broadcast & Media
IABM Glossary of tech Terms - quite terrific!
IASA  International Assn of Sound and Audiovisual Archives
IEEE  Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
IFPI  International Federation of the Phonographic Industry
International Music Summit   everyone is a baron von tollbooth busybody
Ircam  (France - English version)
ISBN  International Standard Book Number
ISNI  International Standard Name Identifier
ISRC  International Standard Recording Code  (more new stuff to learn about !)
and here:
ITU  International Telecommunications Union  
METAlliance  (the MIDI Manufacturer's Association)
Important info about the new MIDI 2.0  HERE (Motion Pictures Expert Group)
MPEG-H Audio Alliance   Uh-oh. Here we go again...  (Motion Picture Sound Editors)
Music Loudness Alliance
NAB National Association of Broadcasters
NAMM   National Association of Music Merchants
   and the TEC Awards
NARAS  National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences
NARM  National association of Recording Merchandisers
Nashville Songwriters Association
NCAC  National Council of Acoustical Consultants
NMPA  National Music Publishers Association
NRSC  National Radio Systems Committee
NSCA  National Systems Contractor Assn.
Open Connectivity Foundation (incorporating previous UPnP - Universal Plug N' Play)
Open Music Initiative  
PAMA  Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance
PARA  Professional Audio-Video Retailers Association
Producers Guild of America
PLASA Professional Lighting & Sound Assn.
MERGING WITH ESTA Entertainment Services Technology Assn. in 2011
RIAA  Recording Industry Association of America
RIGHTSCOM and DDEX Digital Data Exchange
SBE Society of Broadcast Engineers
SMPTE  Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
SMPTE  New England Chapter (Boston) UPDATED
SPARS   Society of Professional Audio Recording Services    STILL MORE Baron Von Tollbooth busyness
ULE alliance  (more Baron Von Tollbooth nonsense but still relevant)  (everything you were afraid you might need to know)
W.A.M. Women's Audio Mission  (Women in Pro Audio)
WAVE   Women In AV (UK)
Women In Consumer Technology
Women In HiFi
Womens International Music Network (WIMN)
WiSA  Wireless Speaker and Audio  
Zigbee Alliance is now the Connectivity Standards Alliance:
4K Ultra HD  Just when you thought it was safe to buy a TV...
8KAssociation  Yes, 4 times the craziness. Whatever happened to 3D and holograms?
Stereophile magazine has listings of clubs, some with no URL but a phone number.
Arizona Audio Video Club   
Audio Video Club of Atlanta
Audio Society of Minnesota
Bay Area Tube Audio Enthusiasts   link updated
Carolina Audio Society  
Central Coast Audio Club   
Chicago Audio Society
Colorado Audio Society
Connecticut Audio Society
Dallas Audio Club (link to Yahoo group)
L.A. Audiophile
Los Angeles / Orange County Audio Society  NEW URL 2/2019
Miami Valley Audio Enthusiast (Ohio) email
Midwest Audio Club
New England Vintage Electronics Club   New Listing!
New Jersey Audio Society
New York Audio Society
Northeastern Wisconsin Audio Society
Oregon Triode Society
Pacific Northwest Audio Society
Purdue Audio Society (Purdue University)
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest
San Diego Area Audio Group  (email only)
Sarasota Audiophile Society   new listing
S.E. Mich. Woofer & Tweeter Marching Society
South Florida Audio Society  
Space Coast Audio Society  (email only)
Suncoast Audiophile Society  (Tampa-St. Pete)
The Audiophile Society of NYC  718-802-0183  email
The Audio Syndrome  516-489-9576
Utah Audiophile Society
Audio Society of New South Wales (Australia)
also see their forums, HERE
Audio Club Of Athens (Greece)
Hong Kong Tube Audio Club
IHIFI Istanbul HiFi Club (Turkey)
Krakow Society of Sonic (Poland)   added 2013
London Live DIY HIFI Circle
Matrix-HiFi (Spain)  English version  SUPERB, don't miss.
Melbourne Audio Club (Australia)
Swiss High End Society (in German, French)
Toronto Audiophiles (Yahoo Group)
West of Scotland Hi-Fi Club
The incredible industry event Worldwide Calendar is HERE !
California Audio Show
CanJam New York  
Capital Audio Fest  
Florida Audio Expo
High-End show at CES  
Lone Star Audio Fest
Los Angeles Audio Show  
New York Audio Show  
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest  
Toronto AudioFest  
OTHER GROUPS OF INTEREST  (16)  (see forums, below )  also
Electronic Music Foundation
Fraunhofer Institute  (home of MP3)
HRRC Home Recording Rights Coalition (go figure)
Imaging Science Foundation (huge)  (Resources for the Recording Pro)
BSO  Boston Symphony Orchestra
Fraunhofer IIS
Master Quality Authenticated  and on Wikipedia HERE
TMH Corporation
WGBH  Boston's own.
OTHER LINK PAGES  (34)   (don't miss!)
AudioNova a fabulous link site!  URL updated
Audioweb links page (huge) and Audioweb HOME   Sorry, gone...
Audio Survey (a shopping reference...)
Dick Olsher's Audio Mecca
Belgian Educypedia homepage    Updated links
Belgian Educypedia audio section   speaker section
EAW links  (very comprehensive!)
electronic music links ( on EMF site)   (a list of tech magazines)
HiFiEngine  (a huge compilation - sister to VinylEngine, below)
Home Theater World  (a great manufacturers listing)
Jenson's Pro Audio Links
The List of Great Audio Sites
Microphone Links
The Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording
Nolody Studio
pro and theater sound links
samerweb links  (electronics and very entertaining)
SavantAudio links page (large and complex)
Steve Ekblad's Audio Grid    actual links page
Synthesizer Resources
Hifi on WWW  (The UNIK site - huge and entertaining)
VinylEngine  (sister to HiFi Engine, above)
learn about .WAV file metadata
Worldwide Pro Audio Directory (huge)
Old Radio Digital World  an oxymoron from the UK. Cool!

personal blogs - newsletters - 'almost a magazine' - a real paper magazine + more

Just like everyone is a Monday morning quarterback or armchair general (thank you, Firesign Theater...) everyone wants to have an "audio magazine" where they fantasize about taking over the world with their barfed up rehashed ideas about MORE ported floorstanders, and more cute QRP SET amps and wires...always wires.

A list of now defunct magazines HERE
World Radio History  ARCHIVES - MANY related magazines
The Absolute Sound
Acoustics Today  (Professional Journal)
Adam Rayner    (seemingly out of nowhere, comes yet another audio blog...)
American Radio History   Stunning magazine archive - all PDF's
Analog Planet
Archimago's Musings  well worth the long reads... many trustworthy peeps consider this THE best
Ask.Audio Magazine complex and fantastic! Explore it!
Attack Magazine   THE magazine for dance music culture and tech
Audio Engineering Magazine (historical PDF's )
Audio Express / Audio Amateur /
Voice Coil / Multimedia Manufacturer / AudioBytz
AudioEnz  New Zealand ! Nice !
Audio Ideas Guide
Audio Judgement
Audio Media International
Audio Musings by Sean Olive
Audiophile Audition  and  The Binaural Source
Audiophile Heaven
Audiophil-online  (not to be confused with...)
Audiophile Style   (complex yet vague, plus there's a forum, see below)
Audio Pro News
Audio Reputation
Audio Revolution  (review site)  (review site)
Audio Review Italy  (in Italian)
Audio Technology (Australia)  (wonderful!) 
Audio Video Interiors   sorry, gone...
Audio Video News
Australian HI FI
BBC Music Magazine
Orion Blue Book   $FEE Charged for use
Bound For Sound
British Audio Journal  (UK)
Broadcast Engineering
Car Audio Magazine
Car Sound Magazine (like Car Audio Magazine... only different)
Computer Audiophile
Computer Music Journal
Daily Audiophile  A quick aggregate of reviews of all the OTHER magazines
Daily HiFi
db Magazine  (historical PDF's)
DecodedMagazine  yet another dance trance EDM magazine   new and promising
Entertainment Design  (same as
EQ Magazine
Erin's Audio Corner
EX Hi Fi  (review site)  (also see under forums)
Fidelity Online  (Germany) with Google translate included
FOH  Front Of House (professional journal)
GearNews   Wonderfully complex stuff for the rich musician and studio.
Gramophone  (UK)
haute fidélité  (French)  NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH...
HiFiAnswers  (UK)
Hi Fi Choice  (UK)
Hi Fi Critic  (UK)
Hi Fidelity  (Poland)
HiFi Media  (Hungary)
Hi Fi News & Record Review   from Belgium. Dutch and English.
HiFi Page
Hifi Pig  You know you want to read this.
Hi Fi Statement  (in German)
Hi Fi Trends
HiFi Zine
HI FI World  (UK)
Homebuilt HiFi
Home Cinema Choice  (UK)
(...secrets of...) Home Theater & HI FI
Home Theater Magazine
Home Theater Review  
Home Toys
InAudio  World class audio magazine from Greece
In Ear Matters
Inner   Audiophilia - Culture - Music
Inner Ear Report  (Canada)
International AudioVideo Review
Internet Audio  (it's on paper, not on the web. Go figure.)
Ken Kessler  (a personal blog)
L.A. Audiophile  (also see forums, below)
Live Design  
Live Sound International ...superb articles, insight and wit
Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook
Magazine-Audio  In French Only
Magnetic Magazine  another EDM dance industry one
Metal-Fi  odd, but compelling.
Mixdownmag   from our awesome Aussie friends
Mix Magazine  and The Mix Foundation
MixMag   a poor imitation although interesting in it's own right
MMR Musical Merchandise Review
Music Business Worldwide
Music Education Technology
MyAudioSound  (UK)  and  Building a Home Studio  kind of a nice blog, but hateful wordpress.
NOVO  (was Canada Hi-Fi)
Nuts & Volts
One-to-One The magazine for the CD/DVD duplication industry  with Wes Phillips
Part Time Audiophile and The "Occasional" magazine
the Perfect Vision
Planet HIFI
Positive Feedback
Prairie Audio Man Cave  interesting personal blog
Preservation Sound Another over the top site presented in wacko ever-so-annoying wordpress. Great!  German but in English too.
Pro Audio Encyclopedia
Pro Audio Review (Canada)
Pro Sound News  (not to be confused with)
Pro Sound Web  a very comprehensive educational resource  I can't figure it out either, but it sure is interesting
Radio World
Real HD-Audio  including posts from Dr. AIX, Mark Waldrep
Recording Engineer's Quarterly
RE/P Prosound Web has reposted articles from the fabulous
Recording Engineer / Producer magazine - a wealth of reposts!
Recording Magazine  (Music Maker Publications)
ReMix  Like MIX Magazine, only different...
Residential Systems Online
Resolution  replacing Studio Sound Magazine
Retro Vintage Modern HiFi  a spectacular and gorgeous collection of whatever!
schwann ...sadly, closed... more here:
SonicScoop  some nice classifieds here, as well
SonoMag Sound + Lighting from France  FRENCH HERE
Sound and Picture
Sound and Video Contractor
Sound and Vision Magazine
Sound Guys
Sound on Sound  (Pro for the UK and Europe)   (new and excellent)
SoundStage Magazine
SoundStage Network of sites  (10 of them!) and Reviewer's Choice
Stereo-Magazine  (from Germany, in English)  [annoying FlipView]
Stereo Net  (US Edition)  There's also a UK edition.
Stereophile Guide to Home Theater
Stereo Sound   (in Japanese) (URL updated)
Studio Covers
Studio Knowledge Magazine  (web)
Superior Audio Magazine
Surround Professional Magazine
Synth And Software   brand new 2020 !
Tape Recording Magazine (UK archives)
Tape Recording Magazine (US archives)
The Audio Analyst
The Audio Beat   (not to be confused with...)
The Audio Beatnik
The Audio Critic is now:
The Audiophile Man
The Audiophile Voice
The Clueless Audiophile  (super nice blog)
The High Fidelity Report
The Master Switch
The Noisegate  another dance trance urban bass deathcore technopop EDM magazine
The Poor Audiophile
The Sound Advocate
The Sound Blog  ( )
The Sound Apprentice
TNT Audio   (English and Italian)
TONE Audio Magazine  (and a bunch of sub category magazines)
TPI Magazine Total Production International   (UK, subscription)
TWICE  The Week In Consumer Electronics
EE Times
Ultra High Fidelity
VALVE  (tubes)
The Vinyl Factory   If you like vinyl you belong here.
VTV (Vacuum Tube Valley)
Web Audio Magazine  (you be the judge)
Web of Hi Fi  (from Poland, in English)
wifihifi  (say wha???)
Widescreen Review
Woofer & Tweet  A satirical comic look at the audiophile
MAGAZINES devoted to RECORD COLLECTING (Vinyl !)  (12)
Classical Recordings Quarterly   -or-
nice article at Slug Magazine
Vintage Jazz Mart
Remember the fabulous concept of actually going to a search engine and FINDING SOMETHING ?
Yeah, me too.
Never really worked though because of all the advertising and greed.
Just horrible noise to signal ratio.
I've saved you all the astonishingly annoying work. Have fun.   — barry
Acoustic Fields
Art Of Sound
AudioGon   (I wish)
Audiophile Style Forum
Audio Review
Audio Video Revolution
AVS forum (the 900 lb gorilla)
AV Nirvana
Classic Speaker Pages
Computer Audiophile
Ethan Winer's Audio Expert Forum
Free Speaker Plans  (note very slow)
Home Theater Equipment
Home Theater Forum
Home Theater
Hydrogen Audio
Speaker Plans
Stereophile Forum
Super Best Audio Friends
The Art Of Sound
US Audio Mart (forum part)
The WAM HiFi Forum  (note - very slow)
What HiFi forum   UK
What's Best Forum
PRO, SEMI-PRO, M.I.   (29)
Audio Science Review
Broadcasting World Forums
Cacophony Forums (ex-Mackie)
Creative Planet Network
Electrical  Fun with Steve Albini
Harmony Central   (every kid with a gittar in his bedroom)
History of
cult of the infinitely baffled  (the deaf advising the blind, but nicely.)
John Sayers Rec Studio Design  Aussie nice
KVR Audio
M-Audio user forum
Pro Audio Design
Pro Recording Workshop
Prosound web forums  (5)
Secret Society of Lathe Trolls
Sound Forums
Sound On Sound
Sweetwater  (closed, so read only)
Tape Project Forum
Tape Op
Axiom Audio Forum (mfg)   Forum here:
Emotiva  forum here:
Klipsch community
Outlaw audio
MOBILE / 12 VOLT   (2)
Car Audio Forum
Car Stereo Forum   (the same, only different)
OTHER very useful forums   (2)
Tech Support Guy
Engineering Tips
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