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April 2019

1. Equipment reviews from Stereophile:
The Italian-made Angstrom Audiolab Stella tube phono preamplifier ($13,670) “was beautifully built inside as out. Look past its glossy lacquered, wooden side cheeks to find point-to-point wired circuits...I discovered right off that the inputs were reversed (the left channel was the right and vice versa).”  Mr19).

2.  To the Publisher: I recently purchased The Wood Fire Handbook by Vincent Thurkettle and enjoyed it greatly. It seemed a very well produced book with attractive photos. However there is a serious technical error on p. 107.
The author states that burning green wood (half water) results in half the log's energy being wasted (compared with dry wood). In fact the figure is 5%.
A dry log loses about 8% in evaporating water. A wet log 13%.
My reference is Heating Your Home with Wood by Neil Soderstrom.
Also he doesn't mention using hearing protection in using a sledgehammer and wedge. That generates very high impulse sounds that are not picked up by the average sound level meter and can damage the hearing.

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