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This page is divided into 3 sections. The top section will display the LIVE audio & video podcast of the Boston Audio Society meeting, in real time. Click on the blue play button below.

The middle section has archived podcast(s).

The bottom section has MP3 audio (only) files of interviews conducted by Alvin Foster.

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In this section, Alvin Foster interviews industry notables at the 2008 CES show.
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For your interest, links are also provided to the participant's / company's website.
1  Alan Langford DEQX 17:16 16.2mb
Alan Langford - DEQX Calibrated manufactures loudspeaker correction & room correction systems. The correction systems have built in crossovers and EQ networks that are unique in the industry. At the show they introduced a new EQ processor model, the HDP3, and, for the first time, amplifiers. Alan is the International Sales Manager.

2  Alan Shaw Harbeth 15:35 14.7mb
Alan Shaw is the Designer and managing Director of Harbeth Loudspeaker Company, in the UK.

3  Carl Kennedy JL Audio 14:40 13.8mb
Carl Kennedy is Director of Home and Professional Products at JL Audio, manufacturers of home, professional, car, and marine audio products.

4  Dr. Roger West SoundLab 9:25 8.9mb
Dr. Roger West is President, Founder, and Director of research at Sound Lab.

5  Jimmy Chan Skywire Audio 7:51 7.4mb
Jimmy Chan is partner and Founder of Skywire Audio.

6  Poh Ser Hsu Hsu Research 11:24 10.7mb
Dr. Poh Ser Hsu is President, Founder, and Research Director of Hsu Research, manufacturers of subwoofers and full range systems.

7  James Bongiorno Spread Spectrum Technologies 27:20 25.6mb
James Bongiorno is President and Founder of Spread Spectrum Technologies and has a long and colorful history in the audio industry.

8  Tom Nousaine nousaine.com 21:58 20.5mb
 Brooks Tanner resonantwoods.com
Tom Nousaine is a popular author in the audio community, and a contributing editor of Sound And Vision Magazine, and Pro Audio Review Magazine.
Brooks Tanner is President and Founder of Resonant Woods, who manufactures custom loudspeaker cabinets, stands, enclosures, and other custom cabinetry/carpentry.

9  Bob Carver Sunfire 30:37 28.7mb
Bob Carver has an even more colorful history in the audio community than most of the people above... He is CTO (Chief Technical Officer) of Sunfire Corp. and founded and was president of Phase Linear, and Carver Corporations.


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