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Real speaker companies, both hifi and pro
(it's about time, right?)
Real amplifier companies, both hifi and pro
BIG IRON: Recording/mixing consoles , analog and digital
More on Turntables, Phono Preamps, and Tubes...
and some very esoteric pictures... and PLUG-INS !

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Barry's Page LINKS
Your fearless audio curmudgeon webmaster picks and rants about the world of audio... this page also includes past picks and various link archives. 325
PAGE 2   (649 links total)   TOPIC LINKS
Audio Societies and Relevant Organizations 143
Other Audio Societies USA  33
Other Audio Societies - International  13
Audiophile Shows to visit  12
Other Groups of Interest  16
Companies of special interest   13
Other Link Pages and compendiums  33
Magazines and Publications, print and online 294
Magazines devoted to VINYL / Record collecting  12
Forums and discussion groups  79
PAGE 3   (296 links total)   TOPIC LINKS
Acoustics  98
Studio / Acoustic Design / Consulting / Build  34
Things to stop rattling!   9
Special Links   3
Speaker Grille Cloth  17
Scientific + Test  Software and Calculators   49
Digital Audio Workstation / Processing /
Mixing / Plug-In Software
Audio interfacing hardware   4
CD + DVD Review / Info sites  19
Test CD's + DVD's  27
Special BASS Discs
(as in subwoofer, not Boston Audio Society...!)
PAGE 4   (404 links)   TOPIC LINKS
Historical Significance  36
Everything you wanted to know about... stuff...  22
Electronic Music + Synthesizers 146
Surround Yourself: Binaural, 'immersive', 3D Audio  49
Vinyl / Phono / Cartridges / Stylii  15
Tape, Tape Recorders, Tape Services,
Restoration, History
Earphones / Headphones  18
Tubes  39
DIY  29
Mastering  28
Schematics and Manuals  12
PAGE 5   (463 links)   TOPIC LINKS
Things in a class by themselves...
from audio snakes to snake oil
(actual) Audiophile Cables / Interconnects / Wires /  216 
Bulk Wire   9
Professional Audio Snakes / Stage Boxes   4
Things related to wire   5
Opinions about wire, cable, interconnects...   4
Connectors   9
Chemicals & Contact Enhancers   11 
AC Power, Balanced Power and Grounding   27 
Racks, Hardware, Speaker Stands, Audio Shelving   34 
Electronic Parts Distributors   28 
Audiophile and Esoteric Parts   13 
PAGE 6   (287 links)    TOPIC LINKS
Audio Classified (sales) sites   14 
Books   (not everything is on the interwebs)   10 
Education / Resources   6
Video, TV, Digital TV, HDTV   5
Microphone INFO  18
Microphone Manufacturers 213
Measurement MICS  16
Microphone Accessories, Stands, Windscreens   5
Listings of audio merchants, gurus, repair services, customizing, tweaking...
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