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Altec and  Voice of the Theater Homepage
also HERE
antique audio links page
AT&T Labs
Audio Annals
Cinema Loudspeakers
Classic (Boston Area) Speaker Pages
Consumer Electronics / Audio Hall of Fame
Dolby Labs history
Edison Cylinder Phonograph
Emile Berliner  page at the Library of Congress
Misunderstood milestones - EE magazine
120 years of electronic music
Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg
JBL  James B. Lansing (the man) and also  HERE
... and a special page on Ed May HERE
Lynn Olson (aloha audio)  (see links at bottom of the page)
McIntosh Labs by Roger Russell
Earl Muntz, Bill Lear, from 4 track to 8 track !
(Mad Man Muntz, that is, who you can thank for the diagonal lie of measuring teevees)
PreservationSound ...peculiar... and very detailed; a complicated effort.
Quad speakers (British)
Radiocraft UK  (AES history, Ampex, Studer)
Revere Tape Recorders
3M Sound Talk Index  Compiled by Jay McKnight
MRL Magnetic Reference Lab
Smithsonian pictures
sound recording history (fascinating + eclectic!)
Willi Studer
Sony history
Tannoy timeline
Tannoy Monitor Gold fansite (NEW AND AMAZING!)
Turntable History  (at
Vintage audio & Radio pages
VM The Voice Of Music
Acoustics at NPL (UK)
Attenuators - volume controls
Audio glossary / Pro Reference at RANE  (don't miss!)
Balanced Power (as in 120V AC) here: Equi=Tech
and here: Balanced Power  ... some notes HERE
CD's and DVD's from and OSTA
CD & DVD BURNERS  (a great resource!)
CD-R FAQ  (Andy McFadden)
The acoustics of concert halls
frequency to wavelength to period chart  you're welcome.
mechanical musical instruments
Mark Levinson (The original products, not the Man)
Movie Theater Sound  (our own John F. Allen)
The Recording Website  Recording / audio on your PC
Tape Recorders

Please be aware that the REAL foundations of electronic music - by the giants such as Stockhausen, Ligeti, Xenakis, Carlos, Schrader and [many many] more, which morphed from musique concrete to simple oscillators and tape recorders with razor blades has very little to do with what todays kidz think electronic music is: EDM, disco, and rap with Autotune. So be aware of this huge divide as you peruse the genre.

ALSO, there is a huge divide between the hardware junkies - those with new (or vintage) Moogs and ARPs and Oberheims and Buchlas and such - where every waveform really IS synthesized from scratch - to the new wave of full software "finished" implementation, the Logic Pro and ProTools and DAW crowd, where everything is in software.

Alan R Pearlman Foundation
Alan R Pearlman videos on YouTube
Al Pearlman ARP Archive page on Facebook
Dennis Colin Remembrance page (ARP Synthesizers)
G2500  Gorgeous virtual ARP 2500 emulation
ARP 2600 info on GitHub ARP page
ARP Odyssey page
Moog Rememberance page  by your fearless webmaster Barry Ober
Caring Bridge Bob Moog memoriam page
Moog Foundation
Moog Custom Engineering (ModuSonics)
Moog resources
120 years of electronic music
AFEM  Association For Electronic Music  some software you might enjoy...
Analog Creations
Analogue Haven
Analog Solutions
Analog Systems
Analog Synth Gallery
Analog Synth Resources at
Birth of a Synth  Long and interesting reading
Blacet Research
Bob Knarley's page
Buchla !!!! ...and Magnus' Buchla schematics HERE
CAG Cloned Analog Gear
Colin Fraser page
Computer Music Magazine (U.K.)
David Borden / Mother Mallard
Dave Smith Instruments Another pioneer of the genre ...
Detachment 3
Don't Crack  (don't miss, either)
Elby Designs (AU) (large, complex AND a forum)  (Trautonium article)  website root here:
Electronic Music Foundation 1   (corrected and complicated links, and some mistakes...)
Electronic Music Foundation 2
Electronic Music Foundation 3
Electronic Voyager  Documenting Electronic Music History  
EMEAPP  Electronic Music Education And Preservation Project  
Encore Electronics
The Gas Station  forums and more for EM patchheads
GentleElectric  (Carl Fravel)
Grant Richter's page  cool DIY
GuitarFool Synth page
Ian Fritz page
Jan Van Volt's Modular DIY page
Jürgen Haible page
Laser HarpHERE + HERE
Logan Soloman
Macbeth Studio Systems
MatrixSynth blog (lots of videos and an infinity of trivia)
matthias [fonik] herrmann
Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio   (Australia)
Metasonix  I didn't believe it either. I wonder if you will burn your fingers turning the knobs.
Microtonal Synthesis
Modcan Synths  NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH...  (yes, it's a HUGE forum)
Muse Research and Tom Oberheim
Music From Outer Space  a great resource
Music Machines
Mutable Instruments Forum
New Music Box  nice historical article
Oakley Sound
og2 DIY project
Open Culture free synth info  (well, free and not so free)
PAiA  (yikes!)
Papereil Synth Labs
Patchman Music
Paul's Synth Stuff
Phil Gallo's page
Radio Flyer Analog Synth
Rick Jansen's page
SEAMUS (Synth Do-It_Yourself)
Seb's Page (U.K.)
Serge   (Mad Science Lab and more)
Sound On Sound Magazine choosing a modular page
Stanford Cntr Computer Research-Music + Acoustics
STG Soundlabs
Stockhausen homepage   HERE2   HERE3   HERE4
Synapse Magazine back issues
Synth Anatomy
Synth and Software Magazine  DON'T MISS !
Synth Fool
Synth Friends links page
SynthRestore UK  SERVICE
Synth Site
Synthesis Technology (MOTM)
SynthMuseum  Quite awesome.
Synths R Us
Synth Zone
Theremin INFO
Theremin World (#1 spot for home/project studios)
Vintage Synth
History of Electronic Music
VEMIA (Vintage Electronic Music Instrument Auctions) is actually
Women in electronic music and
YU Synth
really cool interactive Euro modular synth planner ! ! !
3 dimensional audio links  and  HERE
Acoustic Renaissance at Meridian
Ambiophonics - Ralph Glasgal  (not to be confused with:)
Ambisonics / 3D sound  and
Ambisonic Decoder  involved and fascinating.
Chris Currell, Audio Cybernetics, Virtual Audio
Clark Synthesis (tactile sound + underwater transducers)
Columbia University  Alternative Voices for Electronic Sound
David Griesinger
Direct Acoustics - Winslow Burhoe
Dolby Headphone System
Duen Hsi Yen's 3D audio  HOME   (UPDATED '99)
French plug-in
Gordie Freedman + his view from the ahem, dark side...
HEAD Acoustics Germany
High End
Hugo Zuccarelli - Holophonics and HERE wiki HERE The Audio Spotlight
Jay Rose Digital Playroom
Lake Systems first acquired by Dolby HERE (PDF)
the future at MIT MediaLab
PWB  (You're on your own here...all new territory...)  and nice demo HERE
Richard Burwen  and  HERE (annoying / dangerous popups...)
Signal 2 Noise (archive)
Spatializer (be aware that is now a scam portal)
Spatial Audio Literature References
SRS Labs  (keep changing their website...)
Surround Associates
Tonmeister (see the research page)
Wendy Carlos and section on Surround Sound
The Wood Effect apparently out of print, see Amazon HERE
AnalogMagik  unique cartridge setup software and Test LP
Acoustic Sounds
Bluz Bros Entertainment
Tim Gracyk's - antique record machines AWESOME!
The Dead Wax Cafe
Devoted to Vinyl  comprehensive and fantastic
ELP Laser Turntable
Koenigsberg antique phono resources (fascinating!)
phono area at AudioWeb
Phonograph Records Dimensions  (RIAA)  PDF 522k
phonograph web ring
The Vinyl Zone
Vinyl Engine
Recording Tape at BASF (emtec)   vintage tape
... and a multiple listing Facebook permalink HERE  (Note you must be logged in to FB to se this)
Ricard's Vintage magnetic recording page (Butoba)
Much more to come now that this is suddenly (overdue for 30 years) a hot topic.
David Clark
Etymôtic Research  Don't miss these.
Headphones Addict  + (see forums listing)  DIFFERENT FROM THE ABOVE $$
Sennheiser USA
Shure  takes on the world
Sony Pro  NEW URL   and consumer HERE
Stereophile pages on headphone testing HERE
TUBES  (39)
Alan Kimmel
Duncan's Amp Pages
Futterman on Wikipedia
Groove Tubes
ManleyLabs   TUBES RULE!  as you will see... 
National Valve Museum  History, circuits, outstanding pictures
Norman Koren and gorgeous photography, too
Steve's Bench
Sovtek (Russian)
TopTubeAmplifier   review site
The Tube Store
Tube Audio
Tube amps for beginners
Tube technical database
Tube Lust
TubeMonger  (a nice link page (and more))
Tube Tester - quite involved.
Tube World   (Vacuum Tube Valley)
The Vacuum Tube Page
Vacuum Tube Links
Vintage Vacuum Audio  (includes schematics!)  spectacular!
Virtual Valve Museum at  Links HERE
Western Electric
World Tube Audio Portal  and  HERE
D.I.Y  (29)
Dec. 2004 featured link DIY subs:   HERE
Adireaudio has a wonderful tech section+ more
Audio Enthusiast's Guide  
Chris VenHaus DIY cables  (very nice site!)
Crossover info - nice easy page
DIY Audio Amps
Do It Yourself Audio Corner
electrostatic headphones!
esp (Elliot Sound Products)
Horn speakers ( !!! )
Human Speakers
Linkwitz Lab
Loudspeakers 101  (Javascript audio calculators + much more)
Norbert Bayer's DIY page
Parts Express  (convenient and sometiimes very educational)
DIY at Pass Labs Jan Fredriksson's driver database
Vidsonix  check out the crossover box HERE
Vintage Audio Trading  (you're on your own here...)
Wayne's page
Bernie Grundman Mastering
BluePlanet Studio
CD Sonic  Boston
Dave Collins Mastering
Digital Domain (Bob Katz)  GET HIS BOOK.
DVD Labs
Massachusetts' own Flotown Mastering
FULLERSOUND  Mike Fuller  see his studio project page HERE
Gateway Mastering  (Bob Ludwig)   Boston Globe story here
Georgetown Mastering
Hacienda Audio
Harold LaRue Mastering
Ian Stewart Flotown Studio
LB Mastering (Virginia)
Massive Mastering
Northeastern Digital
Paul Stubblebine also see
Peerless Mastering  (Boston)
M-Works Cambridge
Peerless Mastering
The Project Studio Handbook  Articles about mastering
Sterling Sound
Tamar Mastering
Tropic Culture Jorge Espinosa-Cruz
SCHEMATICS + MANUALS  (12)   Too much fun.
some synth manuals HERE
some complex synth circuits HERE
dB calculator HERE  other calculators as well direct listings over 1000 manuals
SAM'S ! ! ! ! and this section: HERE
Steve's Antique Technology
tech help and where to get it page  NEW
another list HERE
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