Past meetings of the Society
February 2002

Date: Sunday, February 17
Time: 6:00 PM
Place: Room 120
National Transportation Systems Center
55 Broadway, Cambridge, MA

Subject: VLSI chips: A Future Computer Inside Your Hi-Fi?

Featured Guest: Robert Adams, Mgr of Audio Development, Analog Devices

Bob Adams joined Analog Devices in 1989 as manager of the company's audio technology group. Before joining Analog Devices, Bob was director of audio research for dbx Professional Products where he designed, among other things, a digital audio recorder based on Delta Modulation.

Under Bob's guidance, Analog Device's has announced the first Digital Audio Processor that targets automotive and consumer stereo systems. For years, designers of mini-component stereo systems have grappled with the balance between performance, ease of use, and affordability. While all-analog solutions are inexpensive, they are not well suited to the requirements of today's digital audio sources. Analog Devices developed a new audio chip that combines DSP power and 3 high-performance (112dB) digital-to-audio converters (DACs) in a single chip. It features a GUI tool that allows the designer to easily configure the DSP - rather than program it. ADI's new AD1954 chip brings professional-quality audio performance to designers of mini-component stereos in an accessible and affordable package. The AD1954 virtually increases loudness, improves poor speaker quality and eliminates high volume distortion. This single solution is configurable to compensate for any listening environment or room.

He will demonstrate the high-performance and configurability of the AD1954 during the meeting and what it foretells about the future of adjusting a loudspeaker's frequency response in real-time to compensate for the contributions of the room and loudspeaker deficiencies. The chip's ease of use will simplify its introduction into your future hi-fi and simultaneously provide low cost room and loudspeaker equalization. The future is more digital.


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