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E. Brad Meyer John S. Allen
David Hadaway
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In the Writer's column, the initials refer to the following authors / summary writers:
AF Alvin Foster DS David Satz JR Jim Richardson MR Michael Riggs
BG Bernie Gregoire DT David Temple JS John Schafler PB Pieter G.W. Bras
BH Bob Henry EBM E. Brad Meyer JSA John S. Allen PM Peter Mitchell
CD Carl Deneke GE Gary Eickmeier JW Jay Woodruff RP Russ Prymak
CL Cary Lu HB H.G. Beloit KD Ken Dean RZ Rick Zwicker
DBH David B. Hadaway HZ Harry Zwicker KN Ken North SK Scott Kent
DG Dick Glidewell JC Joel Cohen MPF Mark P. Fishman VF Virginia Frisby

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Feb Pro Audio Design Inc. Tour of facilities!
Jan Acentech Just what is an Auralization Room?
Dec You! BAS White Elephant Sale, Year End Celebration, Favorite Recordings
Nov Alvin Foster, Nick Noiseux AES convention, Geffen Hall tour, Ken Fritz Auction
Oct Jeff Paiva Epson Pro Cinema LS12000 4k Pro-UHD Laser Projector
Sep Ian Stewart Audio analysis and mastering, with a focus on IZotope
Aug nobody There is no meeting for August
Jul Q Division Studio A New Recording Studio in Cambridge
Jun Leslie Williams & Bob Carver Ken Fritz's Idea of the World's Best Hi-Fi System
May John Emerson, Alvin Foster, & John Hajinlian Tests of 2 New ATSC 3.0 Tuners – ZapperBox  and HDHomeRun
Apr Ken Wacks 2023 CES Show
Mar Dr. Dragoslav Colich
& Dan Bockrath
Planar Audio Speakers for the Home AUDIO
Feb Ken Kantor The founder of NHT, and designer of several highly regarded loudspeakers AUDIO
Jan Tomasz Zernicki The 2nd half of the AES New York Show report AUDIO
Dec the TigerFox TigerFox demo at the Lexington Community Center  In person AND on the web AUDIO
Nov Alvin Foster, Secretary & Nick Noiseux, President 2022 AES Convention and interview video
Oct Dr. Tetsuo Kubo & US President Bob Bean Haniwa Audio  3D Audio and Subwoofer (NO
Sep Tomasz Zernicki 6 degrees of freedom Zylia microphone system
Aug nobody! No meeting! Enjoy your summer !
Jul Leo Ayzenshtat Orchard Audio (New Jersey) philosophy and products
Jun All members! Sharing favorite recording links, musical notes
May Nick Noiseux Reports on the 2022 AXPONA high-end Audio Show
No April meeting!
Mar BAS Members Report on the 2022 CES Show
Feb Dr. Frank Brenner The Linkwitz Lab Speaker Company Continues Devoted Speaker Research and is Introducing New Products


Martin Colloms How should we navigate Audio / Video magazines in the digital age, and why do many still run analogue systems based on the LP?
Dec John S. Allen,
Alan Southwick
How to create a video of a live performance
Nov Robert Bean Kubotek / How does Haniwa realize 3D audio?
Oct Poh Ser Hsu What is the story behind HSU Research?
Sep Attendees What we need to create an effective ZOOM meeting
Aug nobody! No meeting! Enjoy your summer !
Jul Open Forum Open forum online ZOOM meeting
Jun Charles Repka A Loudspeaker Audio Test and Microphone Setups Explained
May Barry Ober Soundoctor - Barry Ober - A history of 60 years in audio
Apr John Atkinson Audio After 55 Years as an Audiophile & Measuring Audio Equipment
Mar Mark Henninger How to Navigate Audio / Video Forums on the Internet
Feb Ken Wacks,
Alvin Foster
Reports on the 2021 Consumer Electronic Show
by BAS members
Jan Hendrik Gideonse Mid Size+Affordable listening room acoustics
Dec Members! Online ZOOM BAS White Elephant Sale
Nov Chris Hart Home audio/video setup Zoom conference
Oct Peter Ledermann Fixed-coil vs moving coil phono Zoom conference
Sep You ! Open Forum Zoom conference
Aug nobody! No meeting! Enjoy your summer !
Jul Bob Bean Haniwa Audio low Z MC Cartridges + current loop system +
Jun Ted Brewer The ROON Digital Music Management System
May Leo Ayzenshtat Orchard Audio Products
Apr Dr. Kenneth Wacks The Jan AES Show
  Online ZOOM Video meetings until further notice !   
Mar Orchard Audio Leo Ayzenshtat, Founder of Orchard Audio, will demo
Feb All Attending! White elephant Sale, Favorite recordings,
Audio Literature Review
Jan Steve Hluchan ecoustic systems - designing a near-perfect loudspeaker
Nov Steve Barbar The Concord Orchestra space and how it was enhanced
Oct Zoom F6 Zoom F6 recorder with Jim Doucas
Sep Local Musical Menus; Meeting summary writers wanted
Aug nobody! No meeting! Enjoy your summer !
Jul Zoom F6 Zoom F6 recorder with Jim Doucas
Jun HT System ! At the home of Dr. Richard Goldwater
May No meeting this month.
How We Edit The Audio Of Live Concerts, featuring Alvin Foster, Bob Miller, David Hadaway, Nick Noiseux, and Steve Owades
Mar Triangle Speakers Triangle Speaker demo at Fidelis AV
Feb Robert Bean Kubotek / Haniwa Audio products at their Marlborough showroom
Jan Eric Boehlke, Ken Wacks + Reports on the 2019 CES Show by BAS members
Dec All Attending! BAS celebrates 47 years + White Elephant Sale
Nov Keith Larson Woofertester - a more precise method of testing
Oct Ken Schwarz Vintage analog meets modern DSP:
Dirac correction of JBL 4344 MKII speakers
Sep Boston AES A day of audio events at BU courtesy the Boston AES chapter
Aug Robert Bean Haniwa audio - a systems approach
Jul No meeting this month
Jun Bob Carver An open forum on Tube Amp & Speaker Design
May Dr. Richard Goldwater Featured Sony 4K Ultra Projector and 22+ channel Surround Audio
Apr Members! Favorite Recordings & Equipment Sale
Mar Steve Hluchan Optimizing High-Efficiency Horn Loudspeakers
Feb No meeting this month
Jan Eric Boehlke
Kenneth Wacks
Steve Owades
Reports on the 2018 CES Show by BAS members
Dec Members! Showcase your favorite recordings, and for sale or trade
Nov Brian McCreath
Antonio Oliart
Nick Squire
Symphony Hall broadcast & Recording Facilities
Oct Alvin Foster, Nick Noiseux Reports on the AES Convention
Sep Jim Lackey Natural Sound, Framingham
Jul Private home meeting / sound system demo
Jun Richard Goldwater Music Playback on a Surround System
May JK Pollard Dept Of Transportation gearshift report
Apr Virgil Zaporteza Setup, Design, and Demonstration of a Home Video Theater
Mar Richard Burwen Burwen Sound Studio
Feb Ken Wacks + Annual CES report, supplemented by Alvin Foster
Jan Robert Domos Bang & Olufsen Newbury Street store
Dec Everyone! Favorite recordings, and for sale or trade
Nov John F. Allen His career and pioneering technologies in Sound reinforcement
Oct David Joyce Your electrical system
Sep Amichetti & Atagi Speech comprehension and memory for speech
Jun Favorite / interesting recordings
May founders of: The Museum of Broadcast Technology, Woonsocket RI
Apr Dave Griesinger Headphone EQ to Simulate Binaural
Mar Dave Moran,
Nick Noiseux
Tribute to Roy Allison
Feb Eric Blackmer Earthworks Audio, "It's About Time"
Jan Annual CES report
Dec Brian Zolner Bricasti Design, a consumer / pro high-end manufacturer
Nov Brad Swanson iZotope
Oct everyone ! Showcase your favorite recordings!
Sep Frank Doris & Kurt Van Scoy Audio-Technica Headphones, Headphone Amps, Cartridges, Mics
Jul iZotope in Cambridge
Jun Paul Manos The Audio Shoppe, Hingham, MA
May Richard Goldwater Auditioning Dolby Atmos and 3D-Auro
Apr Everyone ! Nominations for President, other internal and necessary items.
Mar Ken Wacks
Nick Noiseux
Alvin Foster
The 2015 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Report
Feb Cancelled due to weather.
Jan James Lindenschmidt Acoustic treatment for your listening room.
Dec Members ! White Elephant Sale
Nov AudioGraph The BAS Amplifier Test Clinic Standards
Oct Alvin Foster The Sept. 27, 2014 New York Audio Show
Sep Dr. Ken Wacks Overview of the Electricity Industry
Jul Roger DuNaier King Audio Electrostatic loudspeaker (Prince III) + headphones
Jun Dr.Alicia Quesnel, et al The Hearing Mechanism, how it works
May No info yet.
Apr No info yet.
Mar Nick Noiseux, Bob Miller... Selling on the Internet (E-bay, Craigslist), &
Are Laptop Computer Sound Cards Any Good?
Feb Dave Griesinger Recent Experiments In Control Of Early Reflections and Reverberation in Concert Halls
Jan Annual CES Report
Dec Members ! White Elephant Sale
Nov John S. Allen Recording illustrated lectures; audio, video, Power Point
Oct Tom Perazella "Speaker Voicing", the key to outstanding sound
Sep David Moran Lies, Damn Lies, and Audio Gear Specifications
Jul Bridget Carr A tour of the BSO archives
Jun Emotiva Equipment and demo
May Stephen Hluchan Physics, Perception, and Price: wow and flutter in the audio business
Apr David Janszen The JansZen is back!
Mar Dr. Whom 4k video + 19.2 chan surround demo
Feb BAS Members White Elephant Sale


Annual CES Report
Dec Stephen Owades Comparing the technical differences of the BSO broadcasts
Nov Don Vieweg How to set up/integrate a subwoofer
Oct AudioKarma AudioKarma  ( meeting ) at Frank's Shop in Clinton MA
Sep David Moran Ref. Spkr for the BAS (Infinity P362 vs Sony SS-MB350)
Jul David Stanwood Theory & Practice of measuring & creating the touch of pianos
Jun Glenn KnicKrehm The Constellation Center, Cambridge
May Monitor Speaker Shootout
Apr Chase Home Theater demo-largest house in New England w/SMPTE
Mar Charlie Repka Recording tips, Mic setup, solving acoustical problems
Feb John Marks Theory and practice of making natural sounding organ recordings
Jan Annual CES Report
Dec BAS Members White Elephant Sale
Nov Alvin Foster Summer Audio Shows (AXPONA, AES, Parsons, RMAF, CEDIA...
Oct Sean Olive Evidence that Teenagers May Prefer Accurate Sound
Sep Dick Burwen Demo of Bobcat, Audio Splendor software, and his room
Jul Special meeting at Ben Roberts'.
Jun John Allen & Alvin Foster Recording a concert: video and audio lessons learned
May Wisdom Audio Jon Herron, VP Sales, discusses Wisdom Audio products
Apr Peter Tribeman;
Steve Feinstein
Atlantic Technology AT-1 Floorstanding Speaker
Mar Jonathan Novick (from Audio Precision) "Lies, Damned Lies, and Specifications"
Feb Joe DeMarinis Winchester Lab Dayton Audio OmniMic Measurement System
Jan Annual CES Report
Dec David Moulton "Equalization and the Music Lover"
No meeting for November.
Oct David Hadaway "Perceptual Encoding" and "Digital Audio Educational CD"
Sep Gordon Vinther Designing a full range, single horn loudspeaker
Jul David Maeshiba
John Emme
Demonstration and Discussion / Classic Line 3-inch Single Driver Loudspeaker
Jun Mark Schubin Metropolitan Opera world-wide live HD Theatercasts  —
May Members! Members' favorite audio recordings; Micha Shattner - Mic Clinic results  —
Apr Benj Kanters Hearing Conservation Workshop  —
Mar BAS Members White Elephant Sale  —
Feb Annual CES Report  —
Jan Don Keele Constant Beamwidth Transducer Technology Line arrays JSA 32-1
Dec Meeting cancelled due to weather
Nov Microphone Test Clinic  —
Oct Chairmen of mic testing clinic Microphone Clinic Demonstrations & Early Registration  —
Sep Members! Off-the-air FM, HD Radio, Digital TV - panel on free broadcasting  —
Aug Roy Gregory (held at Goodwin's) About cables, cords, and support from Nordost  —
Jul Winslow Burhoe The Zvox PhaseCue System ( ) AF 31-4
Jun Alex Case Unlocking the Creative Potential of Recording Studio Effects  —
May Tim Ryan Fidelis Audio-Visual - "Quality Sound in a REAL room"  —
Apr Steve Krampf Chestnut Hill Sound MF  —
Mar BAS Members White Elephant Sale  —
Feb Bob Ludwig BAS visits Gateway Mastering in Portland, ME. DBH  —
Jan Annual CES Reports AF 31-1
Dec Cancelled
Nov Leo Beranek, Chris Blair,
Jon McPhee
Acoustic Design of Modern Concert Halls (MIT Panel) JSA 31-2
Oct Tom Horrall Room Acoustics & Noise Control  —
Sep J.D. Hagstrom ATC Loudspeakers  —
Jul Poh Ser Hsu Innovations in Subwoofer Design  —
Jun Bob Miller Members' favorite or otherwise interesting recordings RM  —
May Jamie Howarth Plangent Processes demo. See JSA 30-3
Apr Bob Miller Condustors & Orchestras at Boston Symphony Hall...
Recording mistakes    (webmaster's note: mis - takes?)
Mar Keith Larson 'Floating point differential compression' KL  —
Feb Joseph DeMarinis Techniques for Speaker Measurements JDM  —
Jan Annual CES Reports, BAS first live podcast DBH 30-1
Dec Jim Doucas,
Nick Noiseux
Boston Classical Orch. Playback; Flea Market  —
Nov Michael Foti Tour of WGBH JSA 30-1
Oct John Marks Fidelis Audio-Visual Derry NH; demo + favorite tracks JD  —
Sep Jonathan Wyner Mastering the recordings made by BAS members at Ryles AF 30-1
Jul Alvin Foster Tube amps vs transistors ! AF 29-4
Jun Bob Miller Ryles Recording results from July 2006; Campos Tapes  —
May Steve Hluchan Fried Products - Transmission line speakers from scratch  —
Apr Smith & Larson Automated testing of speaker drivers;  —
Mar Dr. Barry Blesser His new book: Spaces Speak, Are You Listening? Experiencing Aural Architecture (with Linda-Ruth Salter) JSA 30-2
Feb CES Attendees Annual CES Reports DBH 31-4
Jan Jim Thiel Guests of Spearit Sound DBH 29-1
Dec You ! White Elephant Sale (Flea Market) DBH 29-1
Nov Justus Verhagen, PhD Ribbon Loudspeakers - Construction, History, Advantages WH  —
Oct Stephen Owades Report on CEDIA's best DBH 29-1
Sep Dr. Bill Wolk A few words about Ira Leonard; Ryles Recordings results DBH 29-4
Jul James K. Jones Live Recording opportunity - Jazz Ensemble  —
Jun James K. Jones Mixing for A Live Audience - Riles Jazz Club JPL  —
May Rick Levine Is High Fidelity Dead? DBH 30-4
Apr Robert Crowley Soundwave Research - The new Crowley & Tripp Ribbon Mic. DBH 29-3
Mar Mead Killion Ph.D. Etymotic Research Company JSA 28-2
Feb You! Members' favorite or otherwise interesting recordings DBH 28-4
Jan CES Attendees Annual CES Reports JSA 28-2
Dec Brad Michel Making Realistic Recordings - Harmonia Mundi JSA 28-1
Nov #1 Larry Kirn New Digital (switching) Amplifier at Jam Technologies DBH 28-4
Nov #2 Joel Cohen Special Video demo - Home Theater Systems Framingham  —
Oct Dave Malkepour visit to Professional Audio Design in Rockland, MA. DBH 28-3
Sep Brian Bonnick IMAX 3D Theater; Mr. Bonnick is Senior VP of Technology DBH 28-3
  (there is no August meeting)
Jul Walter Swanbon A visit to Fidelis, a high end retail audio store  —
Jun Jack Renner
Chuck Dubé
Telarc Records;
WFCR-FM U Mass Amherst - Digital HD radio
DBH 31-3
May White elephant sale; NY HI FI show report  —
Apr Klaus Peter Preamp & Amp designs for Live recording DBH 28-1
Mar Professor Jonathan Zittrain Copyright Wars CD
Feb Daniel Kolbet Soaring Audio Power amp; CD Media Center; Signal loss
compensation circuit; Factors in audiophile sound quality
CD 30-03
Jan Annual CES Reports ! DBH 27-2
Dec Paul Milner, PhD How Age & Loud Music Affect Our Hearing & Modern Approaches to Hearing Correction DBH 28-2
Nov Alvin Foster,
Ira Leonard
Utilizing Sophisticated Acoustical Test Equipment to Help Understand and Measure A Critical Listening Room at the University of Lowell AF 30-2
Oct E. Brad Meyer High Res Audio vs. CD Quality channel, an ABX test DBH, EBM  —
Sep Alex Case,
Bill Carman
Recording/Listening room for the Sound Technology Program at the University of Lowell  —
Jul Jesse Spence Driver Design - Basics and More - Bully Subwoofers NN  —
Jun -----> John F. Allen, Leo Beranek, David Griesinge, Glen KnicKrehm, Jonathan McPhee, Stephen Owades "A Panel Discussion of Concert Hall Acoustics" JSA 27-2
Apr David Moulton David Moulton's Beolab 5 Loudspeakers JSA 26-3
Mar Brigitte Carr,
Robert Miller
BSO Archives JSA 26-2
Feb David Kaye David's history as a Large reinforcement
sound systems designer
DBH 27-1
Jan Alvin Foster Annual CES Reports DBH 26-2
Dec Ralph Glasgal,
Robin Miller
Ambiophonics  —
Nov The Curator of: Frederick Historic Piano Collection DT 26-2
Oct Micha Schattner Recording experiences and sound editing software JPL 29-2
Sep E. Brad Meyer A Studio and Monitors for Critical Listening JSA 27-1
Jul HerbSingleton,
Brooks Tanner
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Audio Projects; wood shop DBH 26-2
Jun David & Theodore Temple Quality Home Sound (Martin Logans) + A Live Piano Concert DBH 26-1
May Eric Blackmer Earthworks  Mics & Speakers JSA 26-3
Apr Paul Reynolds
John Newton
Phillips SACD demo at Berklee College of Music CD 27-1
Mar Al Southwick at Audio Engineering Specialists, Portsmouth, RI DBH 25-4
Feb Alan Goodwin, Peter McGrath, Grant Carpenter Goodwin's High End in Waltham; Wilson Spkrs, Gordon Mic Pre. JSA
Jan Alvin Foster Annual CES Reports ! DBH 25-2
Dec Alvin Foster BAS Birthday Party; White elephant sale; Multi-tone testing
Nov Al Southwick Headphone Clinic results; open forum DBH 25-4
Oct Live recording session at Sanders Theater Harvard DBH 25-2
Sep Victor Campos Audio Past and Future JSA  —
Jul Spearit Sound - High End Loudspeakers AF  —
Jun Karl Winkler Sennheiser Corp. -- Microphone History & Technique CD 25-3
May Paul Feinberg Musical Trials & Tribulations of an Excellent Trombonist DBH 25-2
Apr April 21: Hi-Fi visit to his home  (click HERE ) DBH 25-1
Al Foster, D. Hadaway,
Jim Doucas
Headphone Testing Clinic AF
Robert Adams
Analog Devices JSA 24-4
Jan Annual CES Reports DBH 24-3
Dec  White Elephant Sale DBH 24-3
Nov Dr. Richard Goldwater Home A/V System DBH 24-3
Oct Alvin Foster Al's incredible homemade speakers; room acoustics / treatment  AF 24-3
Sep Robert Berkovitz Sensimetrics Corp. A discussion of Audio Forensics. DBH 24-2
July JK Pollard
+ Alvin Foster
AF  —
June   EOSS Sound Poles DBH 24-2 
May Win Burhoe  (also 5/78) DBH 24-4
April Atlantic Technology DBH 24-2
Mar ELP Laser Turntable for LP's and 78's JSA 24-3
Feb Boulder JSA 24-1 
Jan Annual CES Reports JSA 24-1 
Dec Ron Coffin The Co-Drive Woofer DBH 23-4
Nov John Marks John Marks Records DBH 23-4
Oct Ralph Glasgal Ambiophonics in NJ EBM  —
Sep Acoustic Room Treatment -Owens-Corning
(and at Goodwins HERE)
DBH 23-4
July John Emerson How to Get Perfect Digital TV Reception JSA
June Scott Billington Rounder Records CD
May Dolby Surround and Digidesign at WCVB-TV JSA
April Hi-Rez projections (also see 4/98) JSA & DBH
Mar   Winter CES Report JSA
Feb Eugene Pitts III The Audiophile Voice (also 6/82) CD 24-4
Jan Ken Kessler Annual CES Reports CD
Dec Clarke Johnsen owner of The Listening Studio   (also 3/91) DBH
Nov David Griesinger Principal Scientist, Lexicon Corporation JSA
22-5, 6
Oct Genelec Powered Monitor Loudspeakers DBH
Sep Stephen Owades Architectural Acoustics conference report JSA
July Kermit Gray High End Monitoring Loudspeakers CD+MF
June Steve Rochlin The Internet and Audio Development DBH
May Joseph D'Appolito Predictive Evaluation of speakers with PC software JSA
April Yoshi Segoshi 47 Laboratories DBH
22-5, 6
Mar David Moulton Small Room Acoustics GE
22-5, 6
Feb Ira Leonard Auditory basics, Hearing Conservation, Home Theater DBH+JSA
Jan Annual CES Reports
Dec Flea Market  —
Nov Leslie Williams (also see 7/97)
Oct Future of the BAS DBH
Sep Paul Barton PSB Loudspeakers
July Michael Hobson Classic Records
June Robert Rieder International Jensen
21-5, 6
May Doug Plumb Measuring Low Frequency Performance
22-5, 6
April Joel Cohen Hi Rez Projections (also 4/00) JSA
Mar B&W Loudspeakers  —
Feb Platinum Loudspeakers  —
Jan Annual CES Reports  —
Dec Robert Berkovitz
21-5, 6
Nov Tomlinson Holman  (The real THX)
21-5, 6
Oct David Hadaway   JSA
21-5, 6
Sep Mach I Acoustics at Sound II
22-5, 6
July Leslie Williams (also 11/98)
June Zenith DVD and HDTV
21-3, 4
May Wisdom Audio
22-5, 6
April Environmental Technology Center
21-5, 6
Feb Winter CES + Audio Test Cards
21-5, 6
Jan Annual CES Reports
Dec Steinways at Steinert
Nov Farewell to Roy Allison
21-5, 6
Oct Alvin Foster Bob Carver Subwoofer AF
Sep Joel Cohen Video Projection JC
June The Cohens Needled 21-2
May Memorial for Peter Mitchell; 70's Quad and today's multichannel sound JSA
April John F. Allen & Stephen B. Cohen Mixed Soundtrack at General Cinema, Framingham, MA
Feb Tom Horrall Acoustic Planning for Home Theater
Jan John Otvos Waveform Loudspeakers (Canada)
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