Past meetings of the Society
September 2003

Date: Sunday, September 28
Time: 1:30-4:00 PM
Place: Point One Audio
31 Trapelo Rd
Lincoln, MA 01773
(781) 259-9684

Featured Guests: E. Brad Meyer, President, Point One Audio, Inc.

Subject: A Studio and Monitors for Critical Listening

Now connected with the BAS mainly as a retiree, E. Brad Meyer was president for several years. He has been recording concerts since the late 1950s and worked making measurements, calibrating instruments, reducing data, writing reports and learning acoustics at the Cambridge, Mass. firm of Bolt Beranek and Newman from 1966-1972.

He started his own company, Point One Audio, in the late 1970s; he does location recording and digital editing of classical and some folk material. (He is also a folk guitar player of no special distinction) He has been on the Executive Committee of the Boston section of the Audio Engineering Society since the early '80s, and served two years as its chairman. In addition to his duties as writer and sometime editor of the Boston Audio Society Speaker, Meyer has written articles for the Boston Phoenix, High Fidelity and Stereo Review, and for Stereophile.

Meyer lost interest in talking about audio electronics when he concluded that it was possible to build them with sufficiently flat response and low enough distortion and noise to make the question academic. In the meantime he has continued to do digital editing and CD production, using a custom-built listening studio and playback system, which the BAS is invited to see and hear.

In preparing for this meeting he found that he still has a few components around that collectively constitute something of an audio time capsule. Some of these will be available at the meeting for extremely low prices. He also wants to find a good home for a collection of Stereophile and The Absolute Sound.

There is room for only a few people at a time in the studio; the apartment below is vacant and there will be space there, and refreshments, for those waiting. Since the main audio experience on offer will be a high-quality monitoring system, and since there is a two-person sweet spot where mastering decisions get made, members are invited to bring a favorite CD (or LP) that they can use to characterize an unfamiliar system in the space of a minute or two.

DIRECTIONS: From Rt. 128/95 North take exit 28B onto Trapelo Rd, Lincoln. If coming from the North on Rt. 128/95, take Trapelo Rd, Exit 28 and turn right at the top of the ramp. Stay on Trapelo Rd for 2 1/4 miles, past Old County Road and Page Road. Just past Silver Hill Rd (on your left) start looking for 31 Trapelo Rd. It is an off-white house with a circular driveway, about 0.4 miles beyond Silver Hill Rd. Pull into the drive way and proceed almost to the end and park on the right of the driveway without blocking the road. There is additional parking down the dirt road opposite the barn. Enter the former barn, Point One Audio, Inc.


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