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April 2005

April 2005 Meeting

Date: Sunday, April 24, 2005
Time: 1:30 PM ***NOTE THE TIME!***
Place: Broad/MIT Institute for Genome Research, 320 Charles Street, Cambridge MA

Featured Guest: Klaus Peter

Topic: Preamp and Amp designs, Live Recording

1)  Klaus has designed a unique microphone preamplifier that differs mainly in its high current supply. He uses similar design techniques in a general purpose preamp with unusually low noise and distortion. He will display details of the design on a transparency/overhead.

2)  He has designed a novel amplifier circuit and plans to apply for a patent. His unit has excellent specifications and is inexpensive to build.

3)  He considers himself an amateur recording engineer; however, he has produced at least one CD that is outstanding. Alvin Foster uses it for loudspeaker testing etc. He plans to discuss how and why he uses certain microphones and their respective positions in the recording venue. He will bring along a disc for us to hear at the Sunday meeting.

Klaus has over 25 years of design experience in consumer and industrial electronics. At HH Scott and Syma International, besides some regular amplifiers and receivers, he designed the first consumer Digital FM Tuner (digital frequency synthesis) in the market. When he left, he had been promoted to Chief Engineer. He held the position of Engineering Manager at Digital Equipment Corporation in the data storage division. He received an EE from University of Ottawa Canada.

His newest company, Ripos, produces exhaust mufflers that render diesel powered motors (cars, generators, etc) environmentally friendly.


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