Past meetings of the Society
November 2005

2 MEETINGS: November 2005 Meeting + Special Video Demo and Comparison on Nov 27

Date: (First Meeting) Sunday, November 20, 2005
Time: 6:00 PM
Place: Constellation Center, 2nd Floor, 161 1st Street, Cambridge, MA 02141

Featured Guest: Larry Kirn
Topic: New Digital Amplifier

The Nov 20 meeting will be with a high end digital amplifier company based in Boston, Jam Technologies. The inventor of the new digital amplifier technology will be among the company representatives at our meeting. Jam Tech received a great write up in the Aug, 05 issue of VOICE COIL. Their S/N is outstanding and the sound is comparable to analog A/B amplifiers. The 'True Fidelity' technology is based on technology superior to Delta-Sigma, and it eliminates the need for feedback loops. The digital patients also include a new E-Bridge output configuration that provides better resolution and an actual 16 bits from a 44.1 sample period.

Larry Kirn (he prefers Herbie) is an organist, recording engineer, performed in a traveling band for many years, and is reported to have perfect pitch. He designed the digital amplifier to meet his playing and recording. He has 15+ patents on his new digital amplifier. The remainder of his bio is on the link below.

There will a demonstration comparing their digital amplifier with another brand.


It is just NE of our meeting place at the Volpe Center, near the old Charles River Dam, and is a re-done brick factory building. 1st Street is a north-south street on the east edge of Cambridge and is bounded by Cambridge St on the north and the continuation of Broadway on the south. From Broadway turn north in 3rd St (as if going to Volpe) and take the third right on Rogers and follow to end at 1st St. Parking is from Rogers St. There is a map: HERE

2nd Meeting Notice

Special Video Demo/Comparison--State of the Art CRT Projection

Date: (2nd Meeting) Sunday, November 27, 2005
Time: 6 PM
Place: Home Theater Systems, 957 Worcester Rd, Framingham MA; it is just off of and parallel to the westbound side of Rte. 9.

Joel Cohen has offered to demo for the BAS a special viewing and a lecture of what he describes as the best video possible. To accomplish this task, they have assembled the best front projector, a CRT, and with their modifications, he's pronounced it as the finest reproduction possible with today's digital or CRT technology. The basic demo will be between a factory standard CRT projector and the highly modified version that they sell new as a Crystal View CV-1 and remanufactured as a HI-REZ projector. They also sell the modified assemblies to individuals so they can update their existing projectors. He can also discuss other types of projectors and may set up one or more for comparison. The main source will be a professional D-5, full-bandwidth, uncompressed format, HDTV deck with many good movie excerpts and broadcast items. There will also be conventional sources, scaled up. It is an excellent way to "get calibrated" with the very best images that can be produced now and in the foreseeable future.

Directions: Rte. 9 Westbound past Shopper's World to the exit, on the right, for Edgell Road, which crosses over Rte. 9 if you were to bear left. Go straight ahead, crossing Edgell Road and you will come upon a small group of stores with a parking lot on your right. Home Theater Systems is in the building at the near corner with a large sign on the building.
Rte. 9 Eastbound, take the Edgell Road exit, bear left and cross over Rte. 9. Then take a left turn.


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