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June 2006

June 2006 Meeting

Date: Monday, June 26, 2006
Time: 6:00 PM
Place: Volpe Center, Room 120 (Formerly National Transportation Systems Center)
55 Broadway, Cambridge, MA

**** Note that due to security requirements, pre-registration is required. It is easy to do, just follow the directions at the end of the meeting description ****

Featured Guest: James K. Jones, Musician, and Live Sound Mixer at Ryles Jazz Club

Topic: Mixing for a Live Audience

Often live audience-mixing engineers use a host of compressors and equalizers to get the 'right' sound balance for the audience. James K. Jones, BAS guest lecturer, will demonstrate the requirements and some of the hardware he uses to mix for a club audience. His lecture will cover the mixing demands of the trade, and how he works hard to please everyone — the club owner, the audience, and the on-stage musicians. James is responsible for the live or real-time playback mixing at the Ryles Jazz Club, Inman Square, Cambridge. He has held the job for more than two years. He currently plays with the James K. Jones Quartet.

They will perform for the BAS Member's Recording session at our next meeting in July, where all members and guests are invited to bring to the meeting their best recording gear to record an all acoustic Jazz quartet.

James maintains that each sound engineer hears differently and ultimately mixes to his/her taste. He will describe how to handle the self-centered and too often overbearing musician while still trying to fulfill the audience demand for balance. James maintains that the music genre should dictate the sort of sound and balance to strive for on playback. For example, if Rock music is loud then the club playback level should be loud.

James Kamal Jones has been a professional musician for over twenty-five years. He was born in the South Bronx of New York City. As an early musical student, he sat under the teaching of master drummers Charles Persip, Kenwood Dennard, and Freddie Waites. He was a five-year member of Ornette Coleman's group, Prime Time. James Kamal has also been the heart of rhythm sections for such renowned and diverse musicians as Roberta Flack, The Delphonics, Cab Calloway, Yusef Lateef, Jack McDuff, and Al King, among others.


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