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July 2008

July 2008 Meeting

Date: Sunday, July 13, 2008
Time: 6:00 PM
Place: Boston University, Life Science & Engineering Bldg, 24 Cummington St, 1st Floor Conference Room (Room 103), Boston, MA 02215, (617) 271-6588

Featured Guest: Poh Ser Hsu, Hsu Research
Topic: Innovations in Subwoofer Designs

At a BAS meeting in 1988, Poh Ser Hsu introduced the Tower. It was a prototype subwoofer that later defined the direction of his company. The Tower was slightly taller than an average person (7-feet) and contained two 12" drivers mounted in a narrow tube. It later morphed into the HRS-W12 and W10 and sold successfully for years.

Fast forward to 2008 - Hsu Research Corporation sells a broad range of popular subwoofers and has expanded to include full-range, multi way speaker systems designed to complement their vast subwoofer line,

Poh Ser Hsu, a former BAS Newsletter Editor, will be our featured guest. His focus will be on their latest patent-pending subwoofer; the innovative design outputs even more punch in low bass, and the small footprint will easily pass the 'wife' factor.


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