Past meetings of the Society
May 2009

May 16, 2009 SATURDAY!

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Time: 2 to 5:00 PM!

Place: Fidelis Audio-Visual, 14 East Broadway (Route 102), Derry NH  603-437-4769
Featured Guest: Tim Ryan.
Topic: "Quality Sound in a REAL Room"

Tim Ryan's listening room correction tools:
(1) The Gradient Helsinki 1.5 Loudspeaker
(2) A QUALITY $300 DSP Bass Room Correction Device from Finland, and the
(3) DNM Preamp & Amp

Tim Ryan, of Simplifi Audio, will demonstrate multiple audio tools. They are all designed to minimize the negative reflections/effects contributed by one's listening room with the goal of hearing precisely what is on the disc. The first item to be demonstrated is the Gradient Loudspeaker from Finland. Its non-conformist shape is peculiarly suited to minimizing unwelcomed room contributions. The second tool, a DSP controller from Finland is designed to correct anomalies in the bass introduced by the room. The DNM 3C Primus preamplifier and PA3-S amplifier will be demonstrated. The DNM amps are, according to a March 2005 Stereophile Magazine review by Art Dudley, the closest thing found to a complete rethink of what low-level audio amplification ought to be in materials and design.

You do not have to be a BAS member to attend. The Fidelis A/V store will open at 1:30 PM. Come early, enjoy the refreshments, and socialize. Call 603 437 4769 during business hours for more information.


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