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November 2009

November 2009 Meeting

The BAS is known for high-quality test clinics. During our 37 years, we have set standards at our clinics for testing amplifiers, preamplifiers, CD players, recording tape, headphones, and more. Some have been adopted industry wide.

On November 21 we will hold another pace setting series of tests in an effort to help consumers choose the best microphone for recording or to establish a reference microphone.

Our literature search revealed that microphone testing is almost a black art, and that manufacturers are reluctant to give you all the known specifications for their microphones. There are numerous standards but wide disagreement on how and what to measure that correlate to quality playback in a listening room. We developed a set of traditional and nontraditional tests that we felt would assist in characterizing the microphone's performance, especially those parameters that correlate with subjective impressions.

The Microphone Clinic Committee, as usual, will include tests that are typically not listed in published specifications but are important in microphone quality. Our tests include: (1) frequency response, (2) polar response, (3) Distortion, (4) Impulse Response, (5) SPL Overload, (6) Sensitivity, and (7) the 'Pink Noise Field' test. The latter is a new test and follows upon a suggestion discussed at the last AES Session in NYC and by one of our BAS members.

Heading the test sites are well known professionals and companies that have many years of experience in audio. Some of the participating corporations and consultants include:
     Neil Rubano,
     Joe DeMarinis,
     Herb Singleton,
     Keith Larson,
     David Hadaway,

Webmasters Note: For your information and convenience, our own links pages has a listing of nearly every microphone company on the planet, here:

How Do I Sign-up/Participate?

The clinic will be held in Winchester, MA. ADDRESS To Be Announced.

The Clinic Chairmen will have the ability to test about 30 microphones, one every 10 minutes. The costs will be $5 for each microphone. We ask BAS members and non-members to submit for testing microphones that most recording engineers would find interesting. We anticipate more request than available times/spaces.

When you click on the email link HERE it will open a new email with the form (shown below in BLUE) already in place.

Application for BAS Microphone Test Clinic Request

Your Name_________________________________
E-mail Address _____________________________
Phone Number______________________________
Name of Microphone & Model Number__________________________________
Name of Power Supply and Model Number______________________________
Please bring your mic preamp if it is unique and required to test your unit _____ yes/no
Please bring your mic preamp if it is unique and required to test your unit _____ yes/no
My Best Available Time for Testing on Saturday, November 21____________
(We will notify you a week in advance of the actual time to arrive at the clinic.)

After all requests are received, you will receive an e-mail designating the time to bring your microphone for testing. You will be notified of the exact time to arrive with your microphone, power supply, and, if unique to your microphone, the accompanying preamplifier and holder.

Our test stations are XLR (3-pin) based. If you require special adaptors or cables, please bring them along. You will receive a printed copy of your test results. We will notify you a week in advance of the actual time to arrive at the clinic, and the address.

Alvin Foster


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