Past meetings of the Society
April 2011

April 2011 Meeting

Date: Sunday, April 17, 2011
Time: 6:00 PM
Place: Atlantic Technology, 343 Vanderbilt Avenue, Norwood, MA 02062, Tel: (781) 762-6300

Featured Guests: Peter Tribeman, President and CEO and Steve Feinstein, Director of Marketing and Product Development
Topic: The new AT-1 floorstanding speakers that use H-PAS technology

Peter will give some opening introductory remarks about Atlantic Technology in general and how we came to H-PAS. We’ll describe our first products that utilize the technology and where we see it going as far as future potential.

After Peter’s remarks, we’ll take smaller groups (maybe about 6 at a time) into our sound room for the demo, while the larger group that stays behind in the conference room will get a presentation by our in-house MIT-mathematician Boaz Shalev, who took the original raw “seat-of-the-pants” working prototypes and created an intricate mathematical algorithm that accurately characterizes and predicts the system’s behavior.

With Boaz’s model, we can hold a constant (target -3db point, cabinet size, driver parameters, whatever we want) and the rest of the system will come from the model.

We’ll also show you some other AT products of interest in the conference room, as time allows.

I can’t promise, but Peter “may” play a prototype of a future H-PAS product that is especially fascinating.

Directions (This meeting only!) :  Route 128, Exit 15B onto Rt 1 South, through the second light (past all the car dealers) to the third light at Boch New to You used car superstore.

Left U-turn at that light onto Rt 1 North.

First right off RT 1 North onto Vanderbilt Ave (DeAngelo’s sub shop on corner of Rt 1 and Vanderbuilt).

We’re the last building on the left—a brick building with red brick trim and red awnings. The front door has an awning over it that says, amazingly enough, “Atlantic Technology.” The only fly in the directional ointment is that we’re no. 343, which is on the even side of the street. Ha! We did that just to prove that your GPS is not infallible.

Go in the front door. If no one is there to greet you, wander aimlessly to the right, past all the offices and desks, keep going through the little computer/printer area, past the half door (designed to keep out Peter Tribeman’s dog from the conference room area—don’t ask!), and the conference room will be the last door on your left.

It takes 44 seconds to walk from the front door to the conference room.


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