Past meetings of the Society
Sept 2011

Date: Sunday, September 18, 25, and October 2, 2011 (note: 3 separate meetings!)
Time: 6:00PM
Place: Burwen Sound Studio, 12 Holmes Road, Lexington, MA. Tel: 781-861-0242

Featured Guest: Richard S. Burwen
Topic: Demonstration of Bobcat TR, Bobcat Tone Balancer, and Audio Splendor audio software
Refreshment: Burwen’s Famous Strawberry Lemonade

SPECIAL NOTE - RSVP: Dick will limit each demo to 7 members so everyone has the best listening experience. Please select your preferred date and e-mail Bob Miller: with your selection. Please be prepared to accept an alternative date. Members who need softer music should inform Bob so we can arrange a special session.

Dick has been working for 8 years on computer software to control reproduced sound via precision tone controls and extreme high frequency (20khz) reverberation. In his words, "... no designer has ever even thought about the possibility of creating artificial reverberation that might be superior to real reverberation."

The result of his efforts are 3 systems, the professional Audio Splendor and 2 Bobcat systems for consumers. Each session will last 3 hours. Dick will describe the three software programs, demonstrate their effects, and show the surprising frequency response curves needed for fine sound. The program will use his own 6-channel 32-bit processed recordings and CD files. Additional information can be found at Burwen’s 2 websites: and

Links to specific pages:

Dick’s sound system:

Audio Splendor:

Burwen Bobcat Tone Balancer and BBTR:

Demonstration – listen thru your speakers:

Basic demonstration:

Podcasts on frequency response, MP3 or PDF:

Download software:


Strawberry lemonade recipes:

Richard S. Burwens's (brief) autobiography:

For 67 years Dick has been trying to produce the most entertaining sound in his hi-fi systems. In 1961, he quit his engineering job and worked at home as a circuit design consultant until 2008 for more than 60 companies. On the side he spent as much time as possible on audio. His "20,000 Watt Home Hi-Fi System" was pictured on the cover of Audio, April 1976. "20,000 Watt Home Hi-Fi Gets Digital EQ", Audio, April 1995 described the two-channel predecessor of Audio Splendor. Altogether, He spent 12 man-years developing Audio Splendor and a companion ambiance generation application for his sound system. This program places subtle artificial reverberation in each speaker channel that makes brasses brassier and violins sweeter in a way that no acoustic space can produce.

Its software tone controls, mixers, No Screech, and library features have the power of a more than 310 slider studio console with 357 buttons. It can completely re-master recordings, post processed or live, and make 2 or 5 channels from 2. Changing the sound calculates 1,400,000 long formulas, and they all work. AUDIO SPLENDOR produces sound better than he dreamed and worth every minute of his time.


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