Past meetings of the Society
May 2012

Date: Sunday, May 27, 2012, 5:00 PM (Monitors earlier)
Place: Boston University, Life Science & Engineering Bldg, 24 Cummington St.
Room: 103, Boston, MA 02215
Featured: The Best Monitor Speaker
Topic: Monitor Speaker Shootout


The Boston Audio Society monitor/speaker shootout will permit you to compare speakers supplied by members. Due to time and space limitations, only one speaker is requested. Two playback systems will be setup and operating, one for listening while the other table will be getting ready. Please limit your monitor to a height no greater than two-feet, a woofer size of ten-inches or less, and all price categories qualify. Builders of DIY speaker are especially encouraged to supply a monitor. As a supplement to your listening results, the Smith & Larsen Woofer Audio Tester Pro system will be used (near field) to measure the speakers; you will be provided a copy. A score sheet to evaluate and rank/select the 'best' monitor loudspeaker will be passed out to all. Photos of some members' speakers available at the clinic are on the left.


The playback-system listening tables will be prepared to accept RCA connector amplified speakers, Speakon connectors, banana plugs, and bare wire. If your speaker connection type does not accept any of these, please bring adaptor with your monitor.

To minimized duplication, send an e-mail to Dave Hadaway ( with the name and model number of your speaker. It will be listed on the 2nd BAS Meeting notice, prior to the meeting. Due to time constraints, the number of monitors will be limited to ten.


To facilitate your quality listening experience, bring along your favorite CD. Some well-recorded CDs will be on hand to provide evaluation consistency. The mono setup will have two different speakers - one to the Left side of the listening chair; the other speaker on the right side of the listening chair.

Please note the 5:00 PM meeting starting time. Members with monitors are asked to arrive earlier, 4:00 PM. There will be refreshments at 5:00 PM.

The following speakers will be available:

Boston Acoustics HD-9 (Gerry Sheetoo)
AR4 (X?) (Bob Miller)
Polk Audio Monitor 30 series II speaker (modified) (Rob Zahora)
RA Labs center channel speaker (David Moran)
Atlantic Technology AT-2 Bookshelf Loudspeaker that utilizes the H-PAS Bass Technology. (Boaz Shalev)
KLH 45 (David Hadaway)
Audioengine 5+


Directions:  At Boston University, Cummington St is an east-west street just south of Commonwealth Ave. It is one-way going west.
Parking on both Commonwealth Av and Cummington St. is free and available.

From Storrow Drive going east, take the first BU exit. At the stop sign turn right on Commonwealth Ave (A left is not permitted). Bear left and at the 3rd light take a u-turn, go half a mile and turn right on Blandford St. (at a traffic light) and turn right on Cummington St.

From Commonwealth Ave going west, after Kenmore Square, after the tracks come up out of the tunnel, there is a traffic light at Blandford (on your left). You should turn left on Blandford, but no left is permitted. Instead, turn right and make a U-turn. Continue on Blandford and turn right on Cummington St. The entrance is on your left, number 24.

MBTA Green line - exit at Kenmore Square or the next stop, Blandford St. & Commonwealth Ave. Walk a short distance and make a left turn onto Blandford St. and right onto Cummington St.


The Boston Audio Society
PO BOX 260211
Boston MA 02126

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