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Sept 2012

Meeting Notice for September 30, 2012

Date: Sunday, September 30, 2012, 6:00 PM
Place: Boston University, Life Science & Engineering Bldg, 24 Cummington St.
Room: 103, Boston, MA 02215
Featured: Reference Speaker for the BAS
Topic: Selecting a Reference Speaker & Owner

BAS member Dave Moran has a pair of Infinity P362 loudspeakers. He wants to donate them to the Boston Audio Society on the condition that they will be available for BAS meetings that require a quality listening venue.


The September meeting will compare the P362 to the Sony SS-MB350 loudspeaker often used at our meetings. If we like the Infinity P362 loudspeakers, we will need a volunteer to, when required, bring the speakers to BAS meetings at Boston University. The volunteer will have full use of the speakers at his/her home.

The Infinity speakers are Olive-and Toole-blessed, famously blind-tested, easy to transport and carry. They are floor standing. The frequency response on and off axis is very good.

Following are comments by Dave about the speakers - These speakers perform well. They go loud and have a strong response down to 40 Hz. They employ the MMD (metal-matrix diaphragm) drivers David Griesinger has been enthusiastic about (low distortion). The SRP was $600/pair and recently discontinued. They are 1-meter high. Driver complement comprises woofers 6.5" x 2, mid 4" x 1, and one 3/4" tweeter. The crossovers are 350 Hz and 3.3 kHz, 24 dB/octave slopes.



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