Past meetings of the Society
Nov 2012


Meeting Date: Sunday, November 18, 2012, 6:00 PM

Place: At the home of Eric Boehlke

Topic/Activity: How to Set up/Integrate a Subwoofer in Your Audio System--- Don Vieweg

There are many ways to obtain accurate bass reproduction. Audiophiles and music lovers typically seek quality, authoritative bass. One way of achieving that bass you crave is by using a powered subwoofer in your system. How can you integrate a sub into your space and make the transition from speakers to the sub seamless? Principles of subwoofer integration will be discussed by Audiodon's subwoofer integration presenter, Eric Vieweg.

Don Vieweg (AKA Audiodon) was told by a family member that he had his own record player and records before age three, and he used them regularly. After a youthful interest in hifi on a kid's budget, Don did live sound for bands for about five years until his ears started to hurt. These days he restores hifi tube gear using his electronics and voicing skills. He lives in Arlington, MA.

There will be refreshments at 6PM.



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