Past meetings of the Society
Apr 2013

Date: Sunday, April 21, 6:00 PM
Place: A home in Newton. Contact the BAS for directions
Featured: JansZen is Back! Lecture plus Demonstrations, bring your favorite CD or high res. files
Topic: The zA2.1 Reference & History of the JansZen Electrostatic

The JansZen zA2.1 Electrostatic speaker is a monopole speaker with dual 7” woofers aligned in the WTW configuration to minimize floor bounce effects, $7495/pair. It also has narrow but controlled horizontal dispersion to reduce first reflections from the walls. David Janszen, the son of the original inventor of the first practical electrostatic speaker, maintains that the 3’ tall hybrid speaker delivers all the advantages of a full range electrostatic speaker, a design that remains the simplest, most linear possible way of moving the air.

The brand. Since 1954, electrostatics have been the standard bearer of high fidelity, and JansZen originated the electrostatic. David’s father, Arthur A. Janszen, was granted his patent in 1953 on that first commercially practical electrostatic transducer mentioned above. In 1954, he founded JansZen Laboratory and began manufacturing the first high fidelity electrostatic speakers. Many are still in operation after more than 50 years without service. A recent review in Positive Feedback states the zA2.1 possesses the best of both worlds; electrostatic panels that give off an amazing soundstage with focus, clarity and realism; and bass drivers that appear out of nowhere.

The speakers will be driven by Bryston PowerPac 120 amps; the source will be an exaSound e20 USB DAC served files and CD’s (but not SACD’s) through JRiver’s Media Center. The DAC can natively process DSD files up to 4xDSD (11.2 Mbps) and PCM up to 384/32.

We will have refreshments at 5:30


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