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July 2014


Date: Sunday, July 13, 2014, 6:00 PM
Place: Boston University, Life Science & Engineering Bldg, 24 Cummington St, 1st Floor Conference Room: (Room 103), Boston, MA 02215

Topic/Activity: The King Audio Electrostatic Loudspeaker (Prince III)
& the electrostatic KS-H3 Headphones

Roger DuNaier of Performance Devices will travel to the East Coast from Torrance, CA, to demonstrate some of the King Sound electrostatic technologies. Performance Devices is the exclusive US distributor for King Sound and will demonstrate the Prince III full-range speaker system and two electrostatic headphone systems. The The $14,995 King III (Prince III’s bigger brother) was rated ‘Best of the Show’ by the Absolute Sound Magazine in their AXPONA (Audio Expo North America) 2014 report. The show was held from April 25th through 27th at the Westin O'Hare in Chicago.

The CNET earphone of choice, the KingSound KS-H3 headphones, was highly rated by Steve Guttenberg. He said they are ‘Astonishing headphones with clarity like you've never heard before.’ David Cohen of Hegel Music Systems located in Framingham, MA, will be present and has graciously agreed to supply their highly regarded electronics for the demonstration.

King Sound is a well-established electrostatic loudspeaker manufacturer in Hong Kong. King Sound products retail in the UK, Italy, Canada, US, China and Australia. The 13 year old company has already earned a reputation for high performance and very competitive prices. Audiophiles around the world have been taking notice of the once small manufacturer’s pledge to bring genuine high fidelity back into your listening room. Alvin Foster, BAS founder, has maintained at their Annual BAS Consumer Electronics Show Review Meetings that the KS-10 electrostatic speaker is among the best items demonstrated at CES. For the last 5-years Foster has always categorized the KS-10 as one of the most accurate speakers auditioned at CES.

As always, you do not have to be a BAS member to attend.
Refreshments will be available at 5:30 PM.

See the AXPONA notice below.

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By Jonathan Valin

Best Sound (for the money): King Sound King III electrostatic loudspeaker (pictured above).
While I don’t have the space to go into the usual detail, several other loudspeakers managed to make very good sound in Chicago.

The $15k King Sound King III electrostats, for instance, were perhaps the most lifelike speakers at the show on voice. (Mel Torme was “right there” on “Once In Love With Amy"), but then ’stats are famously great in the midrange and, because of their figure-eight radiation pattern, more immune to some of the room effects that plagued most of the dynamic loudspeakers at the Westin.
In any event, I really liked the King III's and was pleasantly surprised by how natural their bass sounded, even if it wasn’t as deep or as hard-hitting as that of the Wilson Alexias.

(The King III was a close contender for one of my Top Five System slots.)



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