Past meetings of the Society
July 2017

Meeting Notice July 2017

Date: Sunday July 16 2017
Place: Gardner, MA
Topic: Celebrate Summer !

The July meeting will be at a home in Gardner MA.

The house is a little unique and offers some opportunities and challenges for sound reproduction.
We will discuss some of these issues.
We will listen to some panel speakers in a live end/dead end environment.
We may also compare point source speakers versus panel speakers, and attempt to determine which has the best imaging.
We may play with a MiniDSP subwoofer crossover/equalizer and its support software.
Bring your favorite CD's.

Weather permitting, will have a cookout (hot dogs and hamburgers) starting at 4PM, otherwise we will have pizza.

**** You must register via email to NNOISEUX@TIAC.NET ****
The location and directions will be sent to you.


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