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November 2017

Meeting notice for November, 2017

Date: Sunday November 5, 2017 at 1PM

Place: Symphony Hall, 301 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston Massachusetts

    Brian McCreath, WGBH / WCRB producer for BSO broadcasts
    Antonio Oliart, WGBH / WCRB audio engineer for BSO broadcasts
    Nick Squire and Joel Watts, audio engineers for the Boston Symphony

Topic: We have a great opportunity to visit Symphony Hall and see its audio broadcast and recording facilities. The Boston Symphony Orchestra will be on tour in Japan at that time, so the hall is unusually available to us. We will have as hosts the members of the team that is responsible for the BSO's radio broadcasts and archival recordings.

The main mixing and monitoring studio in the basement of Symphony Hall can accommodate perhaps 10 or so guests at a time to look at the setup and listen to music playback over the fine B&W-based system. We will also use the Chorus Room to meet as a group and hear from our BSO and WGBH hosts, and small groups can be taken to see and hear the studio. We can also bring groups of guests up to the stage of Symphony Hall to see the space, how microphones are hung and placed, and how signals are transmitted to the basement studio.

All BSO programs are recorded on computer in multi-channel form, and archived on hard drives. These recordings may be used for commercial release on the BSO Classics label. When Deutsche Grammophon or another record label is capturing concerts for planned release, they work in parallel with the WGBH/WCRB broadcast team.

Because of Symphony Hall security requirements, we should provide the hall's security team with a list of attendees in advance, so they can be checked in at the stage door. If you're not certain you can come, send your name in anyway and say that you're unsure. This will also enable us to get a rough idea of the number of people who'll be there, so we can plan activities accordingly.

We should be able to accommodate any reasonable number of people; logistics can be adjusted as needed. Please check in at the stage door (the St. Stephen Street end of Symphony Hall) and proceed to the Chorus Room (signs will be posted along the route).

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