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June 2018


Date: Saturday, June 23, 2018, 2:00 PM !!!  NOTE DATE & TIME !!!

Place: Boston University, Life Science & Engineering Bldg, 24 Cummington Mall, 1st Floor Conference Room 103, Boston, MA 02215

Guest:: Bob Carver, President of Carver Audio  and

Topic: An open forum on Tube Amplifier & Speaker design

Robert W. (Bob) Carver is an American designer of audio equipment based in the Pacific Northwest. Educated as a physicist and engineer, he found an interest in audio equipment at a young age. He applied his talent to produce numerous, innovative high fidelity designs since the 1970s. He is known for designing the Phase Linear 700, at 350 W per channel. It was the most powerful, consumer audio amplifier available for a reasonable price in 1972. He went on to found the Carver Corporation in 1979, Sunfire in 1994, and the Bob Carver LLC in 2011, which was sold to Jade Design in June 2013. However, in December 2013, Bob Carver and Jade Design parted ways.

Bob’s history includes at least 15 patents. He continues to innovate in tube amplifier designs and loudspeakers. The amplifier on display at the meeting will be the Carver Crimson 350. It utilizes the mighty Tung-Sol KT120 output tubes. They are one and a half times as powerful as the ubiquitous 6550 or KT88. Using his own transformer design, the Crimson/Raven 350 delivers 350 watts (8 ohms) of sound, regardless of the loudspeaker’s impedance vs. frequency.

The newest loudspeaker is a line-source, 8-feet tall. It utilizes a combination of ribbons and 3” dynamic drivers stacked. It incorporates different time delays for groups of the drivers in an effort to fulfill the infinite floor to ceiling requirement of a true line source. Questions and answers on all their products will follow the presentation.

Refreshments will be available at 1:30PM


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