July 2020


TIME: Sunday, JULY 19, 7:00 PM Eastern Time

PLACE: Zoom/Virtual Video Conference

FEATURED GUEST: Dr. Tetsuo Kubo & Bob Bean - Haniwa Audio

TOPIC: Advancements in Analog - Haniwa Low Impedance MC Cartridges, Current Loop System, Turntables and Tonearm Technology

Robert Bean, Haniwa Audio, said that since we likely won’t be seeing any of you in person this year, we thought it would be fun to meet virtually! Dr. Kubo will be on the video from Japan, and I will be in Massachusetts. We’ve had two meetings with the BAS. At one of the meetings, we demonstrated the phase coherent Haniwa speaker system. For this meeting, we will be discussing analog front ends and other new advancements from Haniwa – tone arm development and the CVC (Current-to-Voltage-Converter). The Haniwa CVC allows sub-ohm cartridges to work in any system by creating a current loop on the cartridge side and using an MM compatible voltage output on the phono preamp side. By the time of this meeting there will be an article in Stereophile reporting on their first look at this brand-new type of product. The current loop interacts with the mechanical loop to produce a very stable tracking system. We will present/explain this concept and the results of this development. After the presentation, Dr. Kubo will be up and awake halfway around the globe to answer questions about his analog theories and the CVC from the group.

We will also be raffling off some LP’s at the end of the meeting so we hope you can attend!


7:00-7:30 PM EST - Welcome and Presentation on Current Loop Analog Technology, Bob Bean

7:30-7:45 PM EST - Discussion on new theories in tonearm development balancing electrical and mechanical damping and forces and tracking

7:45-8:15 PM EST - Q&A with Bob and Dr. Kubo and Wrap Up

8:15 PM EST - Raffle of LP’s!

You are invited to download now some sample 24/192 clips recorded with the new .2 ohm cartridge and the Haniwa CVC tonearm tracking at .5 grams. You can download them here: https://haniwaaudio.com/truesound/

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