February 2022

Date: Saturday, February 19, 2022, 1:30 PM

Place: ZOOM Only

Featured Guest: Dr. Frank Brenner, CEO Linkwitz Lab

www.linkwitzlab.com and https://linkwitz.store/

Topic: The Linkwitz Lab Speaker Company Continues Devoted Speaker Research and is Introducing New Products

Reminiscences on Siegfried Linkwitz
In Memoriam: Siegfried Linkwitz, 1935–2018

“Siegfried Linkwitz was a rare combination of music lover who could hear analytically, and an engineer who could design, measure and interpret the performance of loudspeakers. He contributed much more than his well-known crossover topology. He created novel loudspeaker designs and candidly reported on their performance in objective and subjective terms. He respected the scientific method. His insights and observations will be missed.”
—Floyd Toole

Dear all,

My name is Dr Frank Brenner. A few months before his passing in 2017, Siegfried Linkwitz handed to me the "keys" to his audio business and research. I am sure you are aware what Siegfried Linkwitz contributed to the audio world. If not, and for those in the know, please join us for an opportunity to explain why the latest version (revision) of the Linkwitz open baffle LX521 is getting rave reviews. It is the reference speaker system to own, (https://linkwitz.store/product/lx521/). It has new low distortion drivers, and a re-designed analog active crossover with power amps. The resulting speaker system sounds truly exceptional!

As pilot at Lufthansa German Airlines, I could exchange ideas with Siegfried regularly during my San Francisco stopovers. We became good friends, and I turned into a devotee of his ‘open’ approach to loudspeaker sound and engineering approach. I´m continuing his amazing acoustic research and his concept of designing the speaker most capable of reproducing ‘live’ sound in your home.

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