September 2022

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September 2022 ONLINE MEETING

Date: Saturday, September 3, 2022, 2:00 PM

Place: ZOOM

FEATURED GUEST: CEO of Zylia, Tomasz Zernicki,
(Headphones Required to experience the Best of 3D Audio

TOPIC: Zylia 6-Degrees of Freedom (DoF), Volumetric Audio production for the Metaverse and Virtual Concerts.

Our ZOOM meeting Saturday will require participants to have available headphones to listen to binaural audio recorded with a Zylia, multi-capsule microphone. This should be an exciting and educational meeting due to the advancing field of technology involved in multi-capsule recording technology, and the role it will play in our future recording menus. The ZYLIA ZM-1S microphone has a 19-capsule array. All are equipped with XENSIV™ digital MEMS microphones from the German-based Infineon Technologies. Each capsule has a 69 dB signal-to-noise ratio, 105 dB dynamic range, high output linearity, and handles up to 130 dB Sound Pressure Level.

The Zylia ZM-15, according to its promoters, delivers 6-Degrees of Freedom and delivers ‘Navigable Audio’. Unlike the current two microphone approach, the Zylia engineer records an entire sound field around and within any performance. This means for the listener while listening to a recording made with the Zylia, he/she will experience the same 6-DoF available at a live concert. The listener can walk through the recorded audio space freely as if he/she was at the live concert. For instance, you can approach the stage, or even step on the stage to stand next to the musicians. As in the case of a real-life sound scene the sound you hear will be different at every listening position, as in the case of a real-life sound scene.

Tomasz Zernicki’s presentation will explore:
1. How can the Metaverse and XR offer a vast playground and revenue source for the music industry?
2. How do I get started in XR if I'm an independent music-maker or label?
3. What are the leading platforms and tools to develop volumetric audio?
4. The strategy for recording sound and enabling six-degrees-of-freedom playback, using multiple simultaneous and synchronized Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) recordings.

Many BAS members are involved in creating live concert recordings. Saturday’s presentation will be our first look into the possible future of live concert recordings.

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