President's Message
April - May 1999

1. Have you noticed answering machine outgoing messages have acquired an unpleasant electronic sound? Older machines are being replaced with digital tapeless systems. Unfortunately there is heavy bit compression being used to squeeze something resembling speech into the limited memory capacity. I see it as a step backward from the warm sound of analog.

2. In Electronics Now there is an announcement for a Singapore-based company that is marketing a DVD rewinder, said to reduce wear and tear on the mechanical components of a DVD player. It will be available April 1...

3. Non-audio item: Since 1993 the US government has spent 2 billion dollars to fund research on a car with a fuel economy of 80 mpg (a goal that may be unattainable). In the same period, due to a loophole in the regulations, light trucks (SUVs) have captured 50% of the market with a fuel "economy" of 13-17 mpg.

4. We're putting on the website a list of places that service vintage and discontinued equipment. If you have any recommendations, send them to Bernard Kingsley at (Now )



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