President's Message
December 1999

1. NOTICE FOR BOSTON AREA MEMBERS: The following was sent to me by Gladys Unger:

Call for "Expert Listeners"

"We, at RH Lyon Corp, are acousticians that specialize in assisting manufacturers to improve the sound quality of their products. For example, if a dishwasher does not sound robust, or a computer hard drive has a terrible whine, the manufacturer would turn to us. As an extension of this work we have been awarded a National Science Foundation Grant to develop a procedure by which the preference for certain sounds can be used to guide the design choices of appliances. Phase I of this work requires a panel of "expert listeners". These participants will be asked to listen to a series of sounds and rate them according to a predetermined vocabulary list. They will also be asked to add any additional words that they feel are particularly relevant to the sound being presented. If you consider yourself an "expert listener", who is also articulate, we would greatly appreciate your assistance. We will be convening our panel in the evening on either Monday, December 6th or Tuesday, December 7th, at 691 Concord Ave. in Cambridge. (This is across from Fresh Pond, near the Belmont Town line). The session will begin at 7 PM and last approximately 2 ½ hours. An honorarium will be provided to each participant.

If you are interested in assisting with this research send me a reply, explaining (in one or two sentences) why you consider yourself an "expert listener". Please also indicate whether Monday, Tuesday or either night would be suitable to you. My email address is: Gladys Unger Thanks so much for your help."

2. The BAS now has a Boston phone directory listing. It rings at Alvin Foster's business and the operator has been informed to direct all such calls to him. Thanks, Alvin.

3. Funniest Ad I've Seen Lately department: "The curve" AM FM Clock Radio by Suntone. Looks just like the one on TV. $7.95 [Picture looks identical to Bose Wave Radio]


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