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President's Message
November 2003

0.  Anticlimax dept: The current officers of the BAS have agreed to continue in their offices for another year. That's President David Hadaway, Corresponding Secretary Alvin Foster, Treasurer Ira Leonard, and Membership Secretary David Weinberg.

1.  J.P. Leger has agreed to be Program Coordinator. If you have suggestionsfor meeting topics (anything to do with audio and music is fair game), please contact him. We are always looking for interesting speakers. Contact him at

2.  The 14th annual Parson's Audio Expo, November 15 in Wellesley MA, features exhibits and seminars on the latest professional audio equipment. If the stars align properly, and shippers deliver as promised, the surround room will feature Bang & Olufsen's groundbreaking new BeoLab 5 loudspeakers. Many years in development, the speakers themselves, and especially their technology, are highly relevant to audio professionals. David Moulton, their co-creator, will accompany the speakers during the afternoon. In the evening, he will give an illuminating presentation about their capabilities and development.

3.  Volume 25-3 of the BAS Speaker has been published. It contains summaries of meetings with Karl Winkler of Sennheiser microphones, Goodwin's high end audio (store), and Gordon Instruments (mike pre). Also an analysis by Carl Deneke of high frequency performance of sampled digital audio systems. John S. Allen reports on his sometimes befuddling experience with setting up his first home theater system. Alvin Foster does a comparative survey with lab tests of several sound level meters. David Hadaway investigates whether audio transformers have a distortion rise at low levels. A reprint from the Melbourne Audio Club journal surveys recorded sound from tinfoil to stereo. 38 pp.

4.  Belatedly, a summary of V25-2: V25-2 contains summaries of a meeting with Paul Feinberg, trombonist; a concert of the New England String Ensemble coupled with a tour of WGBH and their surround sound recording; and Winter CES reports. Also an entertaining piece on an early output-transformerless vacuum tube amp design. 31 pp.

5.  "Hello Muddah, hello Faddah, we're in court" begins a piece by Alex Beam. It seems the summmer music camp Interlochen Center for the Arts in MI ( (webmaster's note: new URL) is suing Interlocken International [summer] camp in NH, ( founded in 1928 and 1961 respectivelly. Since no good deed goes unpunished, it started when the marketing staffer in NH emailed MI noting that they get a lot of the other's mail and they should work together. MI responded by suing NH for trademark infringement, adding to their ongoing suit against Land's End for copyright infringement for selling shirts made from "Interlochen" fabric (there is a town in Switzerland by that name). "Why are we not surprised that these two organizations dedicated to promoting harmony and self actualization among young people are suing the dickens out of each other?" Legal fees for NH have reached $600,000. Boston Globe 25Se03.

David Hadaway

President, Boston Audio Society



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