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President's Message
October 2004

1. V26N3 of the BASS has been published. It contains 3 meeting summaries: May 2004 meeting, "David Griesinger and Leo Beranek on sight and sound in enclosed space" by John S. Allen; April 2004, written by David Moulton, on his BeoLab 5 loudspeaker system: "Reconceiving dispersion and in-room EQ"; May 2003, "Earthworks: Eric Blackmer on mikes, speakers, bandwidth", by John S. Allen. Also a writeup of the April 2004 AES-DC meeting, "RPG Diffusor Systems: Peter D'Antonio on attacking room distortion" by Fred Geil and David J. Weinberg. 42 pp

2. A professional portable hard-disk recorder for audio weighing just 5 lbs, the Deva V, is reviewed in EDN. It functions in temperatures from 0 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and records multiple channels without missing a beat at forces to 150g. The drive contains an accelerometer which shuts down the drive if it detects dangerously high levels of shock or vibrations. Solid state memory continues to record until the 80 Gbyte drive starts up again. The drive is surrounded with a foam cushion and it uses a ribbon cable rather than a connector mounted to a pc board. ( 8Jl04

3. From member Ron Cooper (CA): Members may be interested in I looked up "Terk Volume Regulator" in their search engine (click HERE for the direct link - Webmaster) and turned up prices down to $38. Some of the cheapest were reliable merchants who've given me good service in the past. PriceGrabber is an efficient way to get a line on price information on many types of merchandise.

4. "Stolen Stradivarius cello almost became CD holder" Melanie Stevens, 29, a nurse discovered the cello lying by a trash bin, still in its silver-coated plastic case, and put it in her car's trunk where it stayed for 2 days. Then she asked her boyfriend, a cabinetmaker, to either repair the instrument or convert it into a unique CD holder. " I had the idea to possibly put a hinge on the front...He would install little shelves inside. It would be a very elaborate CD case, I know it sounds crazy." She saw in the news about the $3.5 million dollar instrument which was stolen less than a mile away. The owner, Los Angeles Philharmonic's principal cellist Daniel Rothmuller, who played the instrument for more than 25 years, called the instrument's recovery "an incredible miracle...Can you imagine it going into a garbage truck?" (AP)

David Hadaway

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