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President's Message
April 2005

1. The BAS is now accepting Paypal (via bank transfer, not credit card) for membership renewal. New members still should fill out an application form (downloadable from our website) since it has important important information for the BAS.

2. The compensation for meeting summary writers for the BAS is now $150. We are looking for writers.

3. Alcons Audio has a new ribbon transducer, the RN1801, with 1-20 kHz response and max "SPL of 145 dB. It offers 90 degree horizontal dispersion out to 20 kHz and dipole radiation.

4. The Marantz PMD660 field recorder uses a Compact Flash media cards or micro-drives. It will phantom power 2 stereo mikes from its XLR inputs. It records 1 hour of 16 bit uncompressed, or 36 hours of stereo MP3 @ 128 kbps. It runs for 4 hours on standard AA batteries. See

David Hadaway

President, Boston Audio Society



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