President's Message
November 2005

1. V23N3 of the BAS Speaker has been published. It contains reminiscences of Robert Moog by our webmaster Barry Ober, Carlos Bauza writing about restoring a vintage Dynaco Stereo 70, John S. Allen on restoring old FM tuners for fun and better reception, David Moran on The Finest-Sounding Loudspeakers Thus Far, proceedings from the Intellectual Property Conference, Bernard Kingsley on headphones for kids, and Dvid Weinberg on deliberate compromises in mastering for audio and video. 25 pp

2. From a TV ad for Direct [satellite] TV: "How is the picture quality?" Answer: "Every channel is crystal clear with 100% digital quality." In fact digital quality is as good or as poor as the providers want to make it. The lower the quality, the larger the number of channels they can broadcast, so it is to their advantage to keep the quality down.

3. Marantz has announced its first new turntable in 20 years, the TT-15S1 ($1700).

4. In honor of the 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth, Brilliant Classics is issuing a box set of the complete music of Mozart. It is on 170 CDs, includes a CDROM with texts and libretti, and retails for $200. #92540

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