President's Message
March 2007

1.  M&K (Miller & Kreisel Sound) loudspeakers has closed its doors after some 34+ years. See . Our BAS webmaster Barry Ober was Senior Audio Engineer, did all their websites, handled all the tech support, and ran the online store. He writes: I was with the company for 8+ years. All my focus will now be on Soundoctor ( ) which is the authorized export dealer for JL Audio Home products (Subwoofers). Please see the special JL audio page here: . If you don't know about JL Products, I invite you to learn about the subwoofer that is taking the world by storm.

2.  Something of a scandal in the classical music world: Are all the recordings of pianist Joyce Hatto stolen from other commercial cds?

3.  A federal jury ordered Microsoft Corp. to pay $1.52 billion to Alcatel-Lucent SA for infringing patents on a fundamental technology for digital music. The decision found that Microsoft's Windows Media software had infringed two patents related to MP3, a software technology for recording and playing digital audio. Microsoft hopes to get the ruling overturned by the trial judge or an appeals court.

4. For BAS members out of town we have a special offer for Jazz lovers. A package of 30 Jazz CDs, randomly picked from Ira Leonard's collection, for $22 including shipping in the USA. To order, send a check, made out to "Boston Audio Society", to David Hadaway, POB 460, Rindge NH 03461. These were donated to the Society by Ira's brother, Joe Leonard.

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