President's Message
November 2008

1.  The Dutch electronics hobbyist magazine Elektor will be printed and distributed in the United States by Audio Amateur Publications.

2.  For Tom Petty Fans, the True Sound of Vinyl, Also captured on a CD! The vinyl version of the new album from Mudcrutch, the recently reunited band from the early '70's that features Tom Petty, comes with a CD that buyers can play in their cars or rip to make MPW3 files. Those who do will notice that it is abnormally quiet -- and that the CD holder instructs listeners to play it on a good stereo and turn it up. One reason CDs sound different from LPs is that mastering engineers can make them louder in much the same way commercials sound louder than televeision shows. This dynamic compression can make songs jump out at listeners who hear them on the radio. But it can also cause fatigue over time -- and audiophiles hate it. So Warners Brothers Records, Mr. Petty's label, decided to package the vinyl LP with a CD that was made from the same master. Compared with the regular CD, the drums hit harder, because they're much louder than the other sounds, and the vocals jump out. It is not an experience for everyone. Background noise can block out some of the quieter passages and those who rip files for the iPod will find that Mudcrutch sounds quieter than other bands. NYT 23Jn08

3.  The last of the Ira Leonard Jazz CDs are now available to both members and non-members. They have been looked over by members, so the remader is less familiar names. Send a check for $22 made out to the Boston Audio Society for 30 CDs.

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