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April 2009

0. The BAS is planning a microphone clinic, perhaps in July or September. I would like to have a get together of interested persons before the meeting at 4PM at BU. Also any input would be appreciated. Also references (books, articles) on the topic. — David Hadaway. Email me about this HERE
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1. With the advent of digital broadcast, the tuners in millions of VCRs have become obsolete. Still, with a converter box you can still timer record using the AV input (only one station at a time however). One reason I bought a dish network TR-40CRA was that it has a built-in timer that will change the station (The manual says nothing about using a VCR this way--there are a lot of non-technical people out there that would benefit from this information). After several months of frustration I realized that the timer doesn't work properly. It "forgets" to change the station and makes up its own timer settings. By the time I realized it the 90 day warranty has passed. Curiously my Polaroid DRA-01601A DVD Recorder with hard drive and ATSC tuner does its own weird timer things from time to time as well. You would think it would be simple to make a timer.

2. V31n1 of the BAS Speaker has been published. It contains the writeup of our CES 2009 meeting by Alvin Foster and addtional reports by David Weinberg, Jim Buchanan, and Edward Gonzalez. Also a review of the $55 Olympus WS-210S portable digital recorder as used for recording music, by Peter V.K. Brown; and a review of the Ultrasone Pro 750 headphones by Richard Freed. 28pp

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