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July 2009

0.  V31-1 of the BAS Speaker has been published. It contains the writeup of the Concert Hall Acoustics panel at MIT last November, by John S. Allen, and article "CD-R Errors--a Worrisome Trend" by E. Brad Meyer. 28pp

1.  From "Ask Marilyn".
"Aside from the audible hisses, crackles, and pops, does analog music on an old-fashioned record album or even an audiotape, have a fuller richer, warmer sound to our ears than digital music? In theory, yes. Analog recording copies the original sound wave, while digital recording just duplicates individual bits of the sound wave at an extremely high rate". Marilyn needs an audio consultant. When she discuss audio topics she often gets it wrong. As she does in this case. Parade 26Ap09

2.  Email received: Wanted to let you know about some Audio News. A brand new High-End Audio Forum called Audio Aficionado. Here is a link
Thanks for your time!
Brian Kane

3.  The new "Get Smart" movie has a take on "The 39 steps". A bomb is set to go off on the sound of last note of a performance of Beethoven's 9th. Aside from putting a piano in where it doesn't belong, and cutting several minutes of music in the finale, it is a clever conclusion. Needless to say, Agent Maxwell Smart tackles the conductor on the penultimate note.

4.  To: Audiophile Associations
From: Chesky Records/
July 3, 2009
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