BAS Message
July 2010

Webmasters Note: This space will (from May, 2009 forward) be called The BAS Message, since it may be written by someone other than the President of the BAS. —Barry

0.  BASS V32-2 has been published. It features 2 meeting summaries: Our meetng at WFCR in Amherst MA on HD Radio with Chuck Dube (at last!), by David Hadaway and our meeting at Bob Ludwig's Gateway Mastering in Maine by David Hadaway. Also a report by Peter V.K. Brown on the Audition 3 Phase Alignment, an amazing process. He says the improvement on old recordings is amazing. 24pp

1.  Regular use of pain relief medicine appears to increase men's risk of hearing loss, expecially among middle-aged men, according to an American Journal of Medicine study. Researchers surveyed nearly 27,000 men evey two years from 1986 to 2004. Men who used pain relievers a least twice a week were more likely than no-users to be diagnosed with hearing loss. Aspirin users were 12% more likely, those on ibuprufen-like drugs were 21% more likely and users of acetaminophen, 22% more likely. Boston Globe 8Mr10 —( article HERE )

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