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January 2011

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1.  BASS V32N4 has been published. It features a meeting summary of the Roy Gregory--Nordost meeting by John S. Allen; and CEDIA 2010 reports by David Weinberg and Phyliss Eliasberg.

2.  From Bill Whitlock's seminar: "As in all his classes, he emphasized that bypassing the third-wire ground in a power cord or outlet violates NEC rules and increases the safety risk to technicians and consumers, plus it will void insurance coverage if a fire results." 99% of all consumer electronic equipment is ungrounded. My Tascam SS-R05 audio recorder (with RCA i/o) has a three wire plug. I cut the third wire (and labeled the chassis accordingly) because I wanted to have the option of grounding or not grounding my recording setup (for lowest noise) . The reason it has a 3 wire plug is that the same chassis is used for the balanced i/o version and there a ground is appropriate since the signal path doesn't include the ground. A little common sense is in order. (BASSV32N4)

3.  Reviews are a riot
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4.  From John Sunier (formerly of former Audiophile Audition)
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