BAS Message
February 2011

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1.  5 Year Quest comes to end
I finally found a replacement for my DAT machines for recording live concerts: The TASCAM SS-R05. Rack width/44,48WAV/MP3, SPDIF input, uses Compact Flash cards. No USB, but you can take the card to the computer and transfer 2 hours in a few minutes. I was curious as to what would happen if you pulled the plug while recording. The resulting CF card reads "file corrupted" when trying to load into the computer. However if you take it back to the TASCAM and record a few seconds, then press Stop and let it finalize normally, all files will then read on the computer. The few electrolytic capacitors are rated at 105 degrees Celsius, which is industrial quality. Recommended. About $400. (There are also versions with balanced i/o and CD recorder). It has a 3 wire grounding plug. I cut the ground since I want the option of grounding or not grounding my recording system depending on which option is lowest noise.

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