BAS Message
March 2011

Webmasters Note: This space will (from May, 2009 forward) be called The BAS Message, since it may be written by someone other than the President of the BAS. —Barry

1. Universal Audio has released its Studer A800 multichannel tape recorder plug in - based on "by far the most popular professional 2-inch multitrack tape machine ever made". Modeled by UA's DSP engineers with help from AES magnetic recording expert Jay McKnight over a 12-month period, the A800 plug-in faithfully models the entire tape path and circuit electronics of the hardware, plus the sounds of four distinct tape formulas." It provides the "warm, natural sound and punchy low-end response of 2-inch analog tape from clean to saturated, to clipped." $349. Pro Audio Review Ja 11

2. A friend is looking for a Linn Lingo power supply for the LP12 turntable (that's generation 2, 17" chassis version) to match the Linn Linto phono pre. If you can help, please contact me at: email me here

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