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April 2011

Webmasters Note: This space will (from May, 2009 forward) be called The BAS Message, since it may be written by someone other than the President of the BAS. —Barry

1.  BASS V33N1 has been published. It features a writeup of the Oxtober 2010 meeting on the AES and other test CDs by David Hadaway, written by David Hadaway; CES report by Alvin Foster and Keith Larson; and more CES reports by David Weinberg and Jim Buchanan. Also Alvin Foster writes extensively on calibration of his front projection video system.

2.  If you're concerned about archiving your data, The Cranberry DiamonDisc will, the claims go, last for 1000 years. Contrary to the name, and the repeated use of the word “diamond” on the site, the disk is not made of this tough crystalline material. It is instead hewn from “synthetic stone”, although it magically remains transparent. Data is burned directly into this super-hard plate, which will withstand temperatures up to 170ºF (80ºC). Because the disk has no adhesive, gold, or other layers, the reasoning goes that it will last a lot longer. DiamondDiscs will cost $35 each. You can send your files to Cranberry for them to copy or if you really need to carve your own, there is a burner available for $1499.

Comments from the forums: One said "If you order in the next 15 minutes we will add an additional 1000 years." Another person said why bother when you can store data in the "cloud". I think storing a physical object has an advantage over the internet.

A better way for the average person would be to use conventional discs and store them in archival conditions, i.e. low temperature and humidity. A paint can with a packet of dessicant will maintain low humidity indefinitely. In a refrigerator the lifespan should be extremely long. And it is fire resistant as well.

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