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Apr 2013

1. We will have the annual bonus for Meeting Summary Writers at this meeting.

Candidates are V34N2--Making a Concert Video, Alvin Foster and John S. Allen; V34N3--Ribbon Loudspeakers, Alvin Foster; Benj Kanters on Hearing Conservation, David Hadaway; V34N4--Chestnut Hill Audio, Gerald Sheetoo, Horn Loudspeaker, Alvin Foster; V35N1--CES Reports, Alvin Foster, Stephen Owades, Kenneth Wacks and Phyllis Eliasberg.

2. "Hearing loss tied to mental decline" -- Compensating for impairment may divert brainpower

A study of 1,984 adults with average age of 77 showed that participants with hearing loss suffered loss of mental ability (measured by tests) 3 years sooner than those without hearing loss. They caution that an association does not show causation, however other studies have shown that, for example, isolation affects brain function. They hope to test whether improvements in hearing brought about by hearing aids will translate to improvements in mental functioning. Science News, 23Fe13

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