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July 2013

1. The New Hampshire Legislature has passed a new law which lowers the maximum sound level of motorcycles by 14 decibels (to 92 dB at 20 inches).
The cyclists' slogan is "Loud Pipes Save Lives". (By the same reasoning bicycles should have noisemakers). Union Leader 2Jn13

2. Could we post the following for our free audio event on July 13th? I know that some BAS members have attended in the past. Thanks, Jim Blumenfeld

New England (air conditioned) Summer Audio Sweatfest in
Walpole, MA on Saturday, July 13th.

3 or so times a year a bunch of us have a New England Audio get together.
Usually we have these in Clinton, MA but that space wasn't available this time so we have a large location in Walpole, MA that was made available to us. The facility is in a business park and will have a variety of large and small spaces for us to use.

85 West Street, 1st Floor
(Planet Fitness entrance)
Walpole  MA  02081

While mostly folks from AudioKarma we do have others frequently attend that aren't active on that site - and I'd like to take this opportunity to invite like minded souls over here at diyaudio.There are no fees involved - people are welcome to attend and bring stuff to buy/sell/trade as they like. There's always a wide range of stuff - from junque to treasures (each open to your own interpretation of course). We'll set up a variety of listening rooms.

At one event I did a listener comparison of two identical Pioneer SX-850 receivers - one completely stock and the other recapped. People should feel free to set up gear or just to check it all out. We encourage everyone to bring some food/drinks/snacks for others to share. Folks should also bring tables, extension cords and power strips.

More details can be found on AK at:

Spouses invited, if you dare - I hope some of you will be able to swing by. There are NO fees involved. Buy, sell, display, or just check it out - all at no charge.


email me here


The Boston Audio Society
PO BOX 260211
Boston MA 02126

problems? email Barry:

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