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July 2015

1. A local newspaper reviewer of video programs recently wrote that he refuses to buy any Blu-ray discs because they don't have the "resume" feature that DVDs have. I checked and he is correct. He likes British drama series and it is helpful to be able to resume viewing where you left off the previous time. I happen to have both the DVD and Blu-ray editions of a film, so I loaded the DVD into the Blu-ray player, played into the movie, and then stopped and shut off the player. Then I turned on the player and pressed "Play". It resumed where I left off. I then tried the same thing with the Blu-ray edition. It resumed at the beginning of the disc. Particularly annoying was having to sit through (or skip through) a dozen or so trailers before accessing the movie. (Apparently some discs have that feature though I don't know which ones).

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