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November 2016

In response to my piece on the fragility of digital recordings and my unpleasant experience with leaving alkaline batteries in the Tascam DR680 for a long period of time,

Brian Geyer replies

David --- Over the last several decades I have used many hundreds of AA and AAA cell batteries in my electronic devices, in my many LED flashlights, and, especially, in my various (too many!) camera bodies. And I can reliably report that the premium grade non-rechargeable lithium-type AA and AAA cells absolutely NEVER (EVER!) LEAK. They don't leak even when fully discharged and left in the related equipment for 5-6 years.

Yes, lithium-type non-rechargeable primary cells (AA is type L91, AAA is type L92) are considerably more expensive than ordinary alkaline equivalents (much less so when purchased on-line); however, lithium cells: (a) exhibit 10 year storage life, their self-discharge rate is negligible, (b) they pack far more energy/cell, so service life is materially greater, (c) they weigh about 35 percent less than alkaline cells, and (d) they do NOT leak!

[The only problem I see is that the remaining battery life indicator will no longer be valid--DBH]

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