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June 2017

1. In 2015 vinyl record sales gave more income for music creators than the billions of music streams on You Tube etc. Last year Google received 560 million takedown notices.

(A solution would be to have people who want to download a file must post a deposit of $1. If the file subsequently proves to be illegal, i.e. without the copyright holder's permission, the deposit is forfeited).

2. Longtime BAS member Ken Rudnick died in April, at age 91, in Brookline, Mass. I cannot recall when I met him first. Surely the 1980s, if not the 1970s, at Boston Audio Society meetings. Ken was a smart, funny, good-natured, keen-tongued, modest soul, respectful, who knew when to speak up and when to keep quiet. A rarity these days, sometimes. He was a pleasure to run into and reconnect with, every time: generous, enthusiastic, eager to trade information as well as electronics gear. I bought my first good-quality portable video recorder from him, for kids' sports and recitals. In later years he regularly had his hearing aid turned up too high — "Ken, you're whistling!" I last saw him just a couple years ago at a Jordan Hall piano recital, and was most glad of it, as he had dialed back his BAS meeting attendance. The world was a better place for such a swell pal as genial, cranky Ken.
— David R. Moran.

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