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October 2017

0. Vol39n3 of the BAS Speaker has been published. It contains the writeup of the BAS Amplifier Test Clinic with PowerCube results. Also reminiscences of Peter Aczel (The Audio Critic) by David Moran, Bob Carver, David Rich and Steven Stone.

1. VocalZoom has a microphone which uses optics instead of sound vibrations through the air. It is essentially unaffected by high ambient noise. An infrared beam detects skin vibrations of a person speaking. This is most apparent around the throat, but much of the face provides sufficient feedback for the sensor. Electronic Design Fe2017

2. At present I am listening to an audio book of Musicophilia by the late Oliver Sachs. He was a neurologist and it is case histories of people struggling to deal with auditory neurological conditions, from the man who was struck by lightning and suddenly was inspired to become a pianist, to people with amusia, to whom a symphony sounds like clattering of pots and pans, to a man whose memory spans only seven seconds—for everything but music—to people with nonstop musical hallucinations. It's all interesting, but neurology has little to help these people. It was a free download through my public library, from If you aren't aware of this, you should be—thousands of ebooks and audio books for free.

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