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April 2018

1.  Old Records become Flower Pots

Maybe you don't dig the vinyl record, or maybe your dad's taste wasn't so good, and you inherited worthless LPs. Try this suggestion: Take a small ceramic flowerpot and put it upside down on the center rack of your oven. Put a record on top of it and turn the oven to 300 degrees. As the vinyl heats up , it'll soften and droop over the pot. At that point take it out. When it has cooled but is still malleable, shape it by hand into a shiny undulating receptacle. It'll shortly harden and be ready for planting (or anything else you need a psychedelic bowl for). Popular Mechanics De17.

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...webmaster's note: Gosh, I've been doing that for years, especially with Ozzie Osbourne records. You would never actually listen to one of those atrocious things, would you?


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